Fresh, Light and Cute | Spring Trend

Lately I found myself buying a lot of crochet/lace clothing items for spring and summer. I think it’s because it looks more suitable for warmer weather and it can take an outfit from really edgy to feminine. Here I will show the clothing items I bought the last couple of weeks.

At first I bought this lace top from H&M. I hadn’t bought anything from H&M for several months (before this purchase), so I was really hesitant about looking around H&M because I hadn’t found anything I liked before. But they just got some new stuff for spring/summer and when I went in and looked around… I found this top! It’s just a very simple cut but I really love the detail of the lace.

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Lace top: H&M € 24,95

The second item I bought, are these shoes from Madden Girl. Sometimes you have those days where you have to study but instead you go online shopping (Yes, I do that sometimes… I bet you do too). I didn’t actually buy anything, but I did see some crochet Toms that I really liked. After my exams were over, some friends and I decided to go to The Hague for the afternoon. When we got in a shoe store, one of my friends pointed these shoes out to me. They look pretty much like the shoes from Toms I wanted to buy, so I bought these instead. They were cheaper (which is always a plus) and I liked the crochet detailing better.

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Crochet shoes: Invito €29,99 (The Toms version)

And last but not least, a crochet headband from Primark. I never wear my hair different, so when I saw this hair/headband I actually wanted to try to wear my hair different for a change. This summer I will be going to some festivals, so maybe this crochet headband will add something to the outfit I will be wearing.

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Crochet headband: Primark €2,00

What do you think about the lace/crochet trend for spring and summer? Do you like it and would you rock this trend yourself?




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8 responses to “Fresh, Light and Cute | Spring Trend

  1. Jaa! je eerste blogpost jeah, en goed dat je het toch in t engels hebt gedaan veeeeel leuker. Goodjob girlie & veel succes met de rest ;-)


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