Advice From YouTube? | Confidence

This week I was looking around on my YouTube channel and watched some videos from people I am subscribed to. Then I found a video from a girl named Katy (HelloKaty) and she makes advice (but also beauty) videos. The video I watched was ‘How to be confident?’ and it really got my attention.

She made the video because the week before she got to speak at a convention at Columbia University in New York City. If you need to speak for hundreds of people, you do need to be confident and believe in yourself.

One thing she said actually made me think. She said: “Confidence is like a muscle”. And she explained it by saying that confidence is something you have to train: “You can’t push it too hard in one day”. And I started thinking about it, and that is indeed very true! A couple years ago I wasn’t as confident as I am now and that is because I ‘trained’ my confidence. Step by step your confidence will grow, just like a muscle.


If you do one thing everyday that scares you, your confidence will grow and your mind will be convinced that you can achieve certain dreams that you might have. Your whole attitude will change and in the process you may lose some friends but if they don’t support you, as you become the confident you, then they aren’t your real friends. Real friends support the other no matter what. Katy says: “I’ve had to let go of some friends, and honestly it’s one of the best decision I’ve ever made.”

I really wanted to share this video, because I think a lot of people struggle with their confidence and this may (or may not, if you already are confident) really help you. If want to get more tips on how to be confident, you should definitely watch Katy’s whole video and let me know what you think about it.




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