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A couple of weeks a go I saw Lauren Elizabeth uploaded a new video. I’ve been subscribed to her for almost two years and in those years she has changed a lot. Not in a bad way, she just became happier. She didn’t want to do certain things because others told her to do that; she now does things because she likes them herself. This video she uploaded is about staying true to yourself and I think that is very important.

In todays society people get influenced so easily. The person who changes because of others will be the sad one. In the video Lauren tells about her high school experience. She says: “When I was in high school I was just trying so hard to be everything that I wasn’t and just fitting in. When I think about high school the only thing I really remember was that I was so sad all the time.” You only get one chance to make the best of your high school or college experience and what better way to experience it being happy and yourself?

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Book: Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year by Demi Lovato (

In middle school I tried to please this one girl in my class. She didn’t like me for some reason and I tried so hard to get her to like me, which was the only thing on my mind back then. But some day you have to realize that not everybody is going to like you and they don’t have to. Lauren says: “Don’t live your life trying to please every single person and being the perfect person to everyone because you just can’t.” And that’s really true. Sometimes you meet people and for some reason you feel a weird vibe when you’re around them. They won’t let you speak, make a joke or make fun of you because of what you wear. That’s a sign that you can’t be yourself around this person and you should accept that this person doesn’t like you. There are so many other people that do like for who you are so why would you try to please that one person that doesn’t like you? The only person you have to please is yourself.

So give yourself a reality check sometimes. Ask yourself: Am I happy? Why is it that I am not? Am I being myself? Can I be myself when I hang out with my friends? It’s important to hang out with the people that make you feel good. Stop trying to fit in a group of people that don’t accept you for who you are because eventually those people won’t make you feel good while you are being yourself.

Down here you can watch the whole video Lauren uploaded. I love watching these kinds of videos (here’s another one) and just recognize myself in what they are saying and get inspired to change something. Do you recognize yourself after you watched Lauren’s video? What do you think about her advice?




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