A Bite Out Of The Big Apple | NYC Trip 2013

One year ago (well almost) I got on an airplane and landed in New York City. A couple weeks before that, I graduated and I got the best surprise ever: I was going to The Big Apple for four days with my aunt and uncle! I think it’s good idea to throwback to my trip and share with you everywhere I’ve been and what I’ve seen in this beautiful city.

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I will start with the flight to New York. The longest distance I’ve ever flown was about three hours and this flight would be seven… But we were lucky; our flight left Amsterdam at 7:45 AM, which meant we would arrive in New York at around noon. So this would be a sleepy flight and it was. I slept more than half of the flight and the other half I watched movies and socialized with the people next to me. When we arrived at JFK airport I wasn’t very tired and was ready for a day of exploring New York.

After we got through security (which took like an hour) we took a cap to our hotel. We stayed in the Tribeca Grand Hotel (in between Little Italy and SoHo). This hotel is so beautiful and modern. The rooms are just big enough and downstairs is a main area with a pool table and some big couches where you can relax and chill out.

NYC collage one

The second day we went ‘real’ sightseeing and what better way to start that off than with visiting the Empire State Building. Before you get to the top, you walk through the history of the building, which is mainly shown with pictures. When we got at the rooftop, I literary couldn’t believe my eyes. The brochure you get says ‘The real magic starts here’ and that’s so true. I could see the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge and even the Statue of Liberty. After that great experience we walked around Times Square and went shopping. Your mind just gets blown when you see all the different lights, advertisements and stores at Times Square.

NYC collage three

I think the third day was the day we saw the most sights. At first we visited the 9/11 Memorial and the St. Paul’s Chapel. Those were very impressive and unbelievable to see. You can feel the mood change when you enter the chapel. It’s such a sad memory but I think it’s great they remember it with such beautiful ‘sights’. After that experience we went on the Long Island Ferry and that is where you can see the Statue of Liberty from up close! I took so many photos because when we went back with the ferry, you could see the beautiful New York skyline.

NYC collage two

Our last day in New York, we went to the Museum Of Modern Art. As the name of the museum says, it’s mostly modern art, which I like. Some rooms had pop art and objects and others had really abstract paintings. After we went through the whole museum, we sat down in Central Park for a while to enjoy our last hours in New York because at 10 PM we would fly home again.

Four days in The Big Apple, isn’t that really short? No, not really. We got to see a lot and I think if you live in New York, you will still discover new restaurants, shops and meet new people every single day. If you could go to New York right now, what sight would you want to visit first?




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  1. What a lovely blog :) also i love the way your blog is set out, how did you make your banner (I think thats what you call it haha)
    bethanyturnbull.blogspot.com Xxx

  2. Oh my je maakt me zo jaloes met dit artikel :( Ik wil er graag nog een keertje heen (of wonen, doe eens gek). Dat ene shirt vind ik trouwens errrg leuk, die van Fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck. Hahaha. Leuke.

    Liefs, Saar.

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