What About Pastels For A Summer Day? | Outfit

When the temperatures are getting higher, everyone wants to wear their most comfortable clothes but still look presentable. Most of the time I reach for my black clothing items but since it’s summer I wanted to wear some color. I wanted to keep the outfit subtle, so I put on some pastel colors. Curious what I wore?

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Basic white t-shirt: H&M € 7,95 |  Sunglasses: H&M € 4,95

I first took out my light pink jeans, which I bought not that long ago. To keep the outfit simple on this summer day I paired it with a basic white t-shirt. I’ve been looking so long for the perfect white t-shirt and a couple of weeks ago I finally found it at H&M. I’ve been wearing it a lot because white just goes with everything.

Beads by Lotte Collage

Light pink jeans: MANGO € 19,99 | Crochet shoes: Madden Girl € 29,99

The crochet shoes I am wearing (also featured in another blog post) I’ve been wearing constantly since I bought them. They almost go with everything and you just slip them on and you are ready to go. So if I am running late I don’t have to worry about tying laces, I just grab those and I am ready to go. And since the sun was shining really bright, I grabbed my H&M sunglasses. They are so cheap and since I always seem to lose my sunglasses, I just buy these over and over again.

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Bracelets*: Beads by Lotte € 3,00 – € 3,50

I love to wear accessories that match my outfit so with this I wore four bracelets (also in pastel colors). One has a pineapple (so cute!) and another has a tassel (really unique) on it. I absolutely adore these bracelets and they are really easy to pair with different kind of outfits. If you’re wearing all black and want to spice up your outfit? Just put on these bracelets and you’re done. If you would like to purchase your own, just take a look on the Facebook and Instagram from Beads by Lotte. They have a lot of different jewelry and they are all very unique and they aren’t even expensive! Could it get any better?

For summer I love to experiment with different types of outfits. And sometimes I don’t even change up an outfit, I just add some accessories like bracelets, a necklace and some rings. What’s your favorite clothing item in your closet to wear in summer? Do you pair it with some accessories? 



This was posted in collaboration with Beads by Lotte


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