Let’s Have A Fresh Summer Drink | Fruit Infused Water

I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of water with fruit in it. I never knew how to call it until I looked it up on the Internet: it’s called fruit infused water because when you put fruit in water, the water absorbs the flavor of the fruit. I got very curious when I saw it and I wanted to try it because it looks and sounds very interesting and it may even taste nice, so why not?

Fruit infused water

For starters I wanted to try this with one of my favorite fruits: strawberries. I first cut off the top and then cut them in half. In the end I cut about five strawberries, which I thought was enough. I put the strawberries in a jug filled with about ¾ water. I wanted to drink it cold of course, so first I left it in the fridge for 15 minutes (adding ice cubes is also helpful). After that I got very curious what it would taste like and took it out of the fridge. While taking my first sip I could smell the strawberries and it tasted like them too! It was really weird because it really tastes like you just ate a strawberry.

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Later that day I really wanted to try something else. I read that by using cucumber (not really a fruit but whatever) you could make a very refreshing drink and since it’s summer (and who doesn’t want to be refreshed on a hot summer day?), I tried that! I first peeled the cucumber and then sliced it. In the end I used about eight slices of the cucumber. But before I put the cucumber in the jug filled with ¾ water, I cut out the middle of the cucumber. I also added some fresh mint. This would make the water have even more flavor than it already did. After putting it in the fridge for 15 minutes again, I tasted it and it had a really fresh taste. The mint flavor wasn’t too much so I could still taste the cucumber. I really liked this one, so I will make this (for sure) more on hot summer days.

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I got really surprised by the fact I actually liked this fruit infused water. One thing I will try with this is water with strawberries, raspberries and some lemon, just because I think that will also taste nice and be refreshing just like the ones I already tried. Would you want to try this? And what kinds of fruit would you use to make your fruit infused water? 




29 responses to “Let’s Have A Fresh Summer Drink | Fruit Infused Water

  1. Ik ken citroenwater wel al, maar ken het nog niet met ander fruit. Toch maar eens proberen! Ik zag laatst een kan met schijven komkommer. Lekker fris!

  2. I love fruit infused water with an addicition.
    I have practically infused every fruit possible, I want to try with tomatoes, not sure how gross that will taste!

  3. Fruit infused water is so delicious and refreshing in summer – strawberries, mint, melon, lime, lemon and cucumber are my favourite things to add!

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