Keeping Your Summer Holiday Photos | Tumblr Inspired DIY

On Tumblr I always see such cute decoration things but they are mostly so expensive. So since I never knew what to do with my travel pictures, I thought I would create something you would see on Tumblr but isn’t expensive or hard to make. I am so pleased with the end result because it looks really cute and you can use whatever you like to make yours. Want to see what I created?

DIY Photography collage 2

The things you will need are pictures (obviously), some sort of thread, scotch tape, scissors and little clothing pins (I got mine in a pack of 40 for €1,69 at a local craft store).

First I selected some pictures from the trips I went on, that I wanted hang on the thread. I chose about ten pictures but you can select whatever number of pictures you want. And because this is kind of Tumblr inspired, I decided to make all the pictures circles (triangles are also fun). I first made them 9×9 cm squares and then made them circles in Word. This way they wouldn’t be too big and I could use more pictures on one thread.

DIY Photography collage 1

It’s important to know where you are going to hang the thread so you can measure it to the right size and cut it. I chose to put it at the side of my closet because it looks very empty without anything on there (hanging it on a wall is also possible of course). I measured the side of my closet and cut it a bit longer than I measured because it also needs to be secured. I secured the thread on one side (which is the back of the closet) with some really strong tape and on the other side (which is the inside of the closet) with some scotch tape. After I made sure the thread was secure enough, I started to attach the pictures to the thread with the little clothing pins. And this is the end result!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I really enjoyed making this DIY because it’s super easy but very cute! I could add another piece of thread if I would need that for up coming traveling pictures. Let me know if you tried this DIY and tag me in your picture on Instagram because I would love to see your creation. What way do you keep your travel pictures? Do you make a photo album, do you frame them or are you going to use this DIY now?




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