Visiting A Museum Like A Tourist | FOAM Photography Museum

I’ve been interested in photography for a long time now and, as you may have read in my Summer Resolutions, I found this photography museum in Amsterdam that looked very appealing to me with the different kind of expositions they have. I wanted to document this visit, so I took my new camera with me and made a “follow me around” type of video for you.

Before we visited FOAM, I took a look on their website to see what kind of expositions they had. They had four expositions: Don’t Stop Now (Fashion Photography Next), Larry Clark (Tulsa Teenage Lust), Eefje Blankevoort & Anoek Steketee (Love Radio) and Jan Rosseel (Belgian Autumn. A Confabulated History). Eventually we saw all of them but Tulsa Teenage Lust and Belgian Autumn weren’t really my thing so I will share my photos and experience from Fashion Photography Next and Love Radio.

Don’t Stop Now (Fashion Photography Next)

I personally love looking at the fashion photos in magazines. It’s very fascination to me to see how they can find a perfect spot/scenery that matches the outfit. So when I read on the website they had a fashion photography exposition, I got very excited.

They had some different rooms with the different kind of photographs. In the room where we entered was shown a short film with some photos out of the room. When we entered the second room we could see a real difference between fashion photos out of the first room (you can tell from the video I made). I really liked that they had a little space with three televisions that showed different short films. One had a designer explain something and another showed a video of a photo shoot.

FOAM Collage 1

Eefje Blankevoort & Anoek Steketee (Love Radio)

This exposition was very different from the first one. It is about the genocide in Rwanda. There were three different rooms. In one there were mostly photos and in the other two there was shown a short film, which explained the photos from the other room. I really liked how different the short films were. One was kind of a documentary type; they asked citizen how it is nowadays and how they feel about it. This one I especially found really touching. I feel like I really learned something from it and I’ve never really had that.

FOAM Collage 5

When you get to the exit of FOAM, they have a little store with some books and cards. I found two cards with really pretty photographs on them so I bought those (they were only €1,00!). I really enjoyed this museum visit and I hope you did too while reading this and watching my video. Let me know if you want me to do more of these videos when I go somewhere like a museum or a festival. Are you also interested in photography? Would you like to visit this museum as well?




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