Ready? Steady? Cook! | Summer Dinner

Last week I spent a week home alone. I think I needed this because at some point I have to be able to take care of myself. In my Summer Resolutions I talked about wanting to cook more often and this week was perfect for it. Some friends of mine came over and I made a pretty healthy and easy summer meal for them (and myself of course).

I made something my family and I eat a lot during the summer: wraps! You can use whatever vegetables you like and that’s what makes this so much fun. For this meal I used: whole wheat wraps, an onion, mushrooms, paprika, chicken, lettuce, mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, grated cheese, French bread and some seasoning.

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First I made sure I cut all the vegetables in small pieces so I could cook them later. After that I took the chicken (which I bought already cut because I am lazy) and added olive oil and some seasoning to it. I used some traditional chicken seasoning, which you can buy at the supermarket. I mixed this all together until every piece of chicken was covered in the seasoning.

While I let the chicken sit for a little bit, I washed the lettuce and I cut a couple tomatoes and I sliced the mozzarella. I cut the lettuce into smaller pieces so it would be easier to use on the wraps. After that I alternated the tomato and mozzarella pieces so it would be a simple caprese salad. To both, the lettuce and the caprese salad, I added a bit of olive oil and some Italian seasoning.

Home alone food collage

Now it was time to cook the vegetables and the chicken. I first added the onion to the pan and when they turned a bit brown, I started to add the other vegetables. First the mushrooms and then the paprika. While the vegetables were cooking, I put some French bread in the oven and I added the chicken to another pan. I cooked it until I thought it looked fine and the pieces weren’t raw in the inside. When everything was done cooking, I put the wraps in the oven for a minute and Voilà! An easy home cooked meal à la Neeltje.

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I was surprised by my own cooking skills and I actually enjoy cooking a lot. This wasn’t a really hard meal to cook but you have to start somewhere, right? Do you enjoy cooking? And what’s your favorite meal to cook in the summertime?




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