It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Look Good | Budget Room Decoration

Sometimes when I am sitting in my room, I feel like something needs to change. Maybe I want to buy some new clothes or I just want to redecorate my room. But redecorating can be so expensive. When I look on the Internet for cute decorative pieces to put in my room, it mostly costs over a € 50,00, which isn’t necessary. I’ll show you my favorite part of my room with some decorative pieces that were all under € 10,00!

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A couple of years ago I changed my complete room and my wall became very empty. So I decided to put up two little shelves on my wall and I put some pictures and some other decorative pieces. The picture in the (upper) left frame is actually one of the cards I bought from my visit to FOAM museum. And what do you think about my clock? I didn’t like the simple clock so I just DIY’ed this one.

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But how did I do that? I bought this simple clock for € 1,75 and took of the back of the clock. This way you will be able to get to the inside of the clock. I took out the part that tells you the time and I chose to decorate that. I used a piece of a newspaper, magazine photos and quotes. Don’t forget to put on the numbers from 1 until 12 on the clock (otherwise you have a clock but you still don’t know the time). Then I just put the clock back together and voilà!

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And then there is something that’s maybe my absolute favorite thing at the moment. You may have seen them on Instagram but I got three little cactuses from Ikea and I am in love with them. And the greatest thing is: I don’t have to water them so much a normal flowers or other plants and they were only € 4,99! And when you go to Ikea, you can’t just leave with one thing… So I also got a flowerpot (which everyone has I am guessing). In this flowerpot I put a candle but you can also put in some flowers. And this cute flowerpot was only € 2,49.

I’ve wanted a chalkboard in my room for a while but I don’t really have room to hang a big chalkboard. So when I found some chalk paint for only € 7,75 I thought: Why not make a little chalkboard myself? I found an old piece of wood at home and painted it with the chalk paint. I used about three coats to make it look opaque. After it dried completely, I attached some thread to the back with some tape so I could hang it if I wanted to and my little chalkboard was finished.

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I really loved finding these things to make my room complete and the cactuses are definitely my favorite. On the chalkboard I write a new quote every week to give me inspiration, motivation or just makes me laugh. I think I will always want to redecorate or switch up things in my room, but this is the perfect solution for it I think. Do you also want to redecorate your room and what’s your favorite piece of this post?




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42 responses to “It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive To Look Good | Budget Room Decoration

  1. Wat een mooie decoratie, heerlijk als het zo goedkoop is. Zo kun je de hele boel mooi inrichten, zonder te veel geld uit te geven. Als je dan een keer een nieuwe stijl wilt, is het helemaal niet zonde. x

  2. Oh ik hou ervan om met allerlei kleine en simpele manieren mijn kamer gezelliger te maken. Het klopt dat dat vaak al met hele simpele of goedkope items kan! :)

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