You Are The Icing On My Cupcake | Cupcakechic Bakery, The Hague

When I am in The Hague to shop, I always seem walk by this cute looking bakery shop with a big pink awning and I am always tempted to go in and check it out. Last year I finally went in and found out it’s a cupcake bakery/shop! Last week I walked by it again and my friends and I decided to get a cupcake. While I was there I thought I would share this cute little hotspot with you!

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This cute little place is called Cupcakechic | Dutch Urban Bakery. It’s located nearby the shopping route in The Hague (Korte Poten 23). And trust me, you can spot it from far away because of the bright pink awning. When you enter the bakery, the first thing you see is all the beautiful cupcakes. They’ve got so many different flavors and they are also very pretty (they make a cookie monster looking cupcake). We all got one cupcake and we all picked a different one.

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Top: Vanilla Iced € 3,00 | Left: Red velvet € 3,00 | Right: Chocolate € 3,00

We picked the vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing, the red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing and chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing. If you would like to get yourself a treat or get a little present for a friend, I would definitely recommend to get a cupcake from here. But they don’t only sell cupcakes; they also sell macaroons and little pieces of a pie. But we decided to only get cupcakes and eat them in this little sitting area in the bakery.

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It’s this little place created a little above the bakery. It’s a really fun place to sit and enjoy your cupcake because you have an overview over the whole bakery. But it’s also a nice place where you could just sit and have a group meeting for school or maybe even a first date…

Anyway, it’s not only a place to sit and eat a cupcake, they also do high teas and maybe that’s a fun idea to do on your birthday with your closest friends! But when you’re only in Amsterdam for the day and do want to visit this cupcake bakery… No worries, because there is also one located on Schiphol Airport and there you can also enjoy a lovely cupcake or some macaroons.

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As you can see, I really enjoyed my vanilla cupcake (it’s definitely my favorite one!). When you’ve got time and are in The Hague for the day, I really recommend going there! Even if you’re only want to see what kind of cupcakes they have. I am definitely planning on posting more hotspots like this one just because I like sharing hotspots with you (so look out for that!). But for now: Would you like to visit Cupcakechic Bakery? And what kind of cupcake would you get?




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