It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… | Winter Fashion Essentials

I don’t know about you (but I am feeling twenty twooo) but when it gets colder I just feel like I’ve got nothing to wear. It seems like I only have short sleeved shirts and tops. So that means: Shopping time! But what are the essentials you’ll need this winter? Here are some of my essentials for this winter!

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Fluffy sweater: H&M € 19,99 | Printed scarf: Pieces € 19,95

“It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die! It’s so fluffy!” Yes it is. I think that a fluffy sweater is a must have you need to have in your closet this season. I already got a fluffy (or fuzzy, whatever you want to call it) cardigan from Boohoo and if I could, I would wear it everyday. But since I can’t, I also got this black fluffy sweater.

And when I want to wear a thick sweater with my leather jacket over it, I have to wear a scarf otherwise it will definitely be too cold. I own a lot of different scarves but this year I’ve really been loving this thin but big printed scarf instead of a thick knitted scarf.

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Knitted headband: Mexx € 19,99

When it’s the end of November/beginning of December, it gets colder but not so cold you immediately have to start wearing thick hats and scarfs. So when I used to cycle to school everyday I always used to get such cold ears but a knitted hat would be too hot to wear. And one day I found the solution: A knitted headband. And since then, I can’t go without one in the wintertime.

Some days I just don’t feel like wearing a short sleeved shirt with a cardigan over it, so then I just throw on a long sleeved shirt. But I don’t want to wear a basic black shirt every single day. So when I found this (thin) striped long sleeved shirt, I thought it made my outfit look less simple and basic. I can also dress it up when I want to (with a statement necklace), which makes this a big must have for me this winter.

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Striped long sleeved tee: The Sting € 12,95 | A line coat: Zara € 99,95

I get so confused when it gets colder because I don’t like being cold. So I’ll have to start wearing a winter coat. But which one am I going to wear? What kind of coat do I like this year? Well, this is year I’ve really been in to the parkas and A line coats. This A line coat I got is one I got a couple of years ago and I didn’t know how I should wear it because I thought it looked too fancy for a normal day. But I actually really like wearing it now. And they have them in so many different colors (light blue and pink are definitely my favorite colors) and materials these days so there’s one for everyone.

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Well, I don’t really know what I think about it being almost officially winter… But I do like wearing warmer clothes (especially fluffy sweaters as you can tell) because I am that type of person that’s always cold and I like feeling cozy. So here’s a song to get in the mood for the cozy wintertime (maybe even Christmas)! What do you think about my fashion essentials for winter? What is your fashion essential for winter?



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28 responses to “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… | Winter Fashion Essentials

  1. Dat gestreepte t-shirtje vind ik zo tof! Hoe iets simpels toch iets heel gaafs kan zijn, grappig eigenlijk. Leuk artikel! Alleen één ding, de eerste foto doet het niet bij mij. Ligt dat aan mijn laptop of niet? Liefs!

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