Baby, It’s Cold Outside | Outfit

“I really can’t stay, but baby it’s cold outside.” That’s always the song that comes to my mind when it’s cold. And trust me, it definitely was very cold outside when we were shooting this outfit. Luckily the sun was also shining so it felt like a cold sunny snow day but without the snow. Anyways, I wanted to shoot on a different spot then my previous outfit posts. So when I saw this cool graffiti wall a couple of weeks ago, I just wanted to shoot an outfit post here. And here it is!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Hat: Barts  € 24,95 | Leather Jacket: Mexx  € 25,00

When it’s getting really cold, I always grab all the winter items out of my closet. That means: gloves, thick scarfs and knit hats. I especially love this one because it’s so warm and cozy. And also because I just love the bobble on the top, it makes it look more girly and fun I think.

Since I am wearing a very thick sweater with this outfit, I thought I would just pair it with this leather jacket (which I scored for such a great price at the sample sale!). I just think it looks really good together and when it gets really cold, I can always grab my A-line coat from Zara to wear instead of the leather jacket.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Sweater: WE  € 25,00 | Jeans: ONLY € 34,95 | Boots: Shabbies € 249,95

And now on to my favorite part of this outfit: My sweater! A couple of days before Christmas, my mom and I went shopping and I stumbled upon this sweater (in the sale!). I thought it looked very unique with the beading at the neckline. And since I got it, I’ve been wearing it a lot.

For jeans I just wore my favorite pair with this outfit just because they are grey and grey just goes with (almost) everything. For my shoes I decided to wear my Shabbies. These are my only boots that I can wear with some thick pair of fuzzy socks so I don’t get cold feet. I hate when I get cold feet so these boots are the best to wear on colder days like this one.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Watch: Loavies  € 19,95 | Bracelet: Beads by Lotte € 6,95

On my birthday I got this lovely watch from my friends and I’ve been in love with it since. It’s just so cool looking and it just goes with everything I want to wear. Not only clothing, but also with all of my jewelry.

Also with this bracelet from Beads by Lotte. It’s a very different kind of bracelet than I would normally wear. But for some reason I really love how it looks. It’s this furry kind of leather material and they have a lot of different patterns, which is great. That means that there is always one that will go with your outfit.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

This is an outfit I wear really often and I love it. It’s very casual but the detailing of the sweater can also dress up your outfit and make it more fancy. I am really satisfied with how the photos of this outfit turned out and I will definitely shoot some more outfit posts here but maybe when it’s not that cold haha. What’s your favorite item of this outfit? And what do you wear on colder winter days?




60 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside | Outfit

  1. I love this look! And the new background for shooting! I still havent found anything good for shooting around me- by the time I have time to shoot, it’s too dark, anyway. Perhaps once summer rolls around.

    I love the detail on the collar of that sweater.


    PS, I nominated you for a thing. Here’s the thing

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