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“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things.” Do you recognize this song? Because this was the song that came to my mind when I wanted to write about some of my favorite things a.k.a. my loves lately (sounds cute right?). I thought I should start a series on my blog where I talk about some of my favorite products, clothing items, songs, quotes and more. So, enjoy my first ever “loves lately” post!

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My first favorite has to be my white Fuji Film Instax Mini 8. This was a birthday gift and I have been using it a lot the past months. As you may know I love photography and this is just different side of photography. I think it’s really fun to experiment with this camera and the photo in the middle has to be my favorite (and it also got reposted on the Cosmopolitan Instagram!).

On to a clothing item favorite… I never really buy clothes at Primark just because it’s always so busy and I hate shopping when I can’t really move around. So a couple of weeks ago I went there just to see if there were any cute clothes in the sale and there were. I found this really nice shirt with a higher neckline and fake leather detailing (which you’ll see pretty soon).

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Yes, I bought another hat! I don’t know but since last year I’ve been loving floppy hats and fedoras so much. So when I was scrolling through the Asos website on a lazy day and I saw this lilac fedora and I just had to have it! I already have a black floppy hat but I really wanted a lighter colored hat that I could wear in Summer and Barcelona of course (only 11 days left & follow me on Instagram for updates!). So just to warn you, you may see this fedora a lot in my up coming posts…

I’ve finally started to read Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham. I got this book for Christmas and before I didn’t really have the time to start reading it, but suddenly I just felt like reading so I started with this book. And let me tell you, it’s such a funny book to read (and I’m not even that far in to the book). I really recommend this book, especially if you’re like me and don’t really like to read that much.

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For the last couple of weeks I’ve started to watch The Carrie Diaries again. If you love Sex and the City, you’ll love these series as well. It’s about Carrie Bradshaw as a sixteen year old at the beginning of her writing career and love life. Half of the time she’s living her life as a normal teenager in Castlebury and the other half she spends in New York City living her dream life. This made me think about New York a lot and I started to search for the photos I took in New York and I fell in love with this beautiful city all over again (if that’s possible).

Since I am in the ‘I love New York’ mood, I started to search the Internet for some new quotes and photos for my photo frames. After a couple minutes I already found these two with “F*** it, let’s go to New York” and “Oh darling, let’s be adventurers”. And after I visited Maison&Objet I really got in to the industrial interior look. I had been eying this metal basket for a really long time and I finally got it. So let’s welcome the industrial trend in to my bedroom!

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I also wanted to include some of my favorite bloggers, so yeah here you go: Faraway Lucy, she takes such beautiful photos and I love her writing style & Hello October, I especially love all of her Sunday Posts. So you should definitely check them out!

I really liked telling you about the favorites I have at the moment so I am definitely going to post more of these posts. Maybe next time with some music or beauty favorites, you never know. Since I’ve already used the word favorite a lot, my absolute ‘love’ out all of these has to be my fedora hat (I think). What is your favorite item at the moment? And what is your favorite out of my loves (aka favorites)?




63 responses to “These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things | Loves Lately

  1. Omg awwww, I was just casually reading along thinking ‘what a lovely
    post this is’ when I saw your shoutout! That’s so kind of you and that’s genuinely made my day, love ya gal! :)

    My Instax camera is basically the love of my life but I don’t use it as often as I should do. Also, you know my love for the industrial – those prints are awesome, I want them haha <3 X

  2. Leuk deze post. Ik wil ook graag zo polyroad camera. The Carrie Diaries moet ik ook nog steeds kijken. Misschien ga ik dit weekend beginnen, want pretty little liares is bijna afgelopen :(

    Ik heb een leuke giveaway op mijn blog. Doe je al mee?;)


  3. Really lovely post and a great idea for a new series! I have yet to watch the Carrie Diaries – to be honest, I actually have never even watched Sex and the City! But I was a huge fan of Gossip Girl, so maybe I would be interested in this show too. LOVE the hat that you bought – I myself am on a hunt for a very similar style hat for the summer. “Not that Kind of Girl” sounds like an interesting read – I have heard some good things and not so good things about it, but might try to take a look into it. I have an Instax camera too but I have yet to use it. Planning on cracking it out this summer though!

    Rae | love from berlin

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