“One Year Later” | Blog Birthday & Giveaway

I’ve been trying to start writing this post a couple of times but for some reason I just didn’t know how to start. When you’re reading this I am actually in Barcelona and I am celebrating a really big milestone today because a year ago “Thoughts in Style” became a real thing. On April 8 2014 I decided to schedule my first ever blog post for the next day. I don’t know but for some reason I felt really good about it but I was also scared. It’s always scary to start something new but I was mostly scared because I was so excited. I was so excited to finally start something for myself and also to be able to share this with the world (a.k.a. the Internet). I didn’t care if it would turn out to be a big thing; I just wanted to share all the ideas I had with the world instead of keeping it inside.

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In the beginning I only told a couple of friends and family members about my blog but after a couple of months I started to get a lot more views and comments. A lot of people started to notice my blog and started to follow Thoughts in Style. Even the people around me started to ask me: “When is your new blog post coming? What is it going to be about? I would love to help you shoot some new photos!”

At the end of Summer I got my first ever proposal for a collaboration with a brand. It was so unreal for me that a brand wanted to work together with me and my blog. I started to incorporate a product sent by a brand in my blog posts but I am a very picky person. I got a lot of emails but I only want to collaborate when I feel like I really like a product or brand. I don’t want to lie on my blog about a product, because this is my place on the Internet where I can be real.

And now I have over 27000 views, more than 1900 comments and over 1000 followers… How is this even real life? When I started this a year ago I never would’ve thought I would be or even get this far… So I also wanted to do something special, just to thank you guys. You may have already seen it in the title of this post, but I am doing a giveaway! Yes, you’re reading it correctly. I am doing a giveaway! I wanted to give something back to you guys for always being so kind with all your lovely comments and stuff like that. Curious what the prices of this one year giveaway are while looking at this beautiful quilt my grandma made with lots of cakes?

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  • A couple of my favorite Beads by Lotte bracelets, which you may have seen in thisthis or this blog post!
  • You’re also getting your very own Q&A A Day diary where you can keep all your memories from the next five years!
  • Lately I’ve been loving canvas bags so you’re also getting a very cute and unique bleached canvas bag from Dip n Dye!

If you’re interested in winning these pretty awesome prices that I love very very much, the only thing you have to do is following these very easy steps and you’re in for the win:

  • Like this post on Bloglovin’
  • Follow me on Bloglovin’ & Instagram (comment your username below)
  • And leave a comment where you tell me what your favorite blog post is that I’ve posted on Thoughts in Style!

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This giveaway is open for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you live in China or Germany, it’s an international giveaway but you can only enter once. I will pick a random winner on May 8th, 2015 so it’s very important you leave your comment with a valid email address so I can reach out to you if you’ve won. Well, now it’s time to celebrate my blog birthday a little more with my friends in Barcelona! May the odds be in your favor with winning this giveaway…




53 responses to ““One Year Later” | Blog Birthday & Giveaway

  1. Ahh wat gaaf dat je nu al zoveel volgers hebt, gefeliciteerd meid!<3 En wat een toffe giveaway, ik doe zeker mee! Mijn favoriete post is denk ik de DIY met dat kussen en dat lint waar je quotes mee kunt maken, geweldig vind ik die! Ook je outfits zijn altijd heel gaaf. :)
    Xo Emma (@emmaathings op instagram)

  2. Wauw zo knap dat je in 1 jaar zo’n grote blg hebt opgebouwd, ik snap echt niet hoe mensen dat doen haha. maar je blog is echt heel leuk, happy bday:)

  3. Wow. Congratulations! :) I started blogging 3 months ago. It’s very inspiring to see your anniversary. I just followed you on instagram(happpyhazzzel) and this is my favorite post since I just found you on bloglovin. :) Great blog!

  4. Hee meid! Van harte gefeliciteerd toch sla ik de win actie over want dat boekje heb ik al en kan geen canvas doeken meer zien haha

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  6. Wat super dat je blog nog maar 1 jaar bestaat en dan al zo veel volgers hebt! Echt heel erg knap van je! Ik volgde je eigenlijk al een tijdje op instagram maar nog nooit op je blog! Dat heb ik maar snel gedaan want wat een super mooie blog heb je! En wat een leeeuke give-away, ik ga echt zeker meedoen! Ik volg je blog dus nog maar net dus deze post vind ik het leukste, met een leuke polaroid foto :)

    xoxo Mareijn

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  8. Hee! Ik vind echt dat je een hele leuke blog hebt! Ik ben zelf gisteren een beetje begonnen met mijn blog en vroeg me af of je wat tips had om mensen te laten weten dat je blog bestaat haha. :) Op dit moment heeft namelijk nog niemand hem weten te vinden…

    Mijn blog heet doresegers.blogspot.com :)

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