Getting To Know A New City | A Week In Barcelona Part Uno

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in a very long time. That’s just because I pre-wrote some posts because I had exams the past weeks and after that I left for Barcelona! Three of my friends and I came up with the idea to go on a trip together last year, so at the beginning of this year we booked a trip to Barcelona. Since we booked the trip, we started to count down the days and last week it was finally there! So I wanted to share all the things we did and saw with you guys in a two photo diaries. Sit back, relax and enjoy a little piece of Barcelona!

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On Sunday we had to get up on 4:30 AM because our flight to Barcelona would leave at 7:05 AM… We didn’t mind getting up so early because hello, we were going to Barcelona and who wouldn’t be excited?

When we landed in Barcelona we had to figure out how to get to our apartment and since I am such a good guide, I found the Aerobus that would take us to Plaça d’Espanya. Here we could get the metro to Les Corts where our apartment would be.

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But when we got to our apartment we couldn’t check in yet… So we decided to wander around Les Corts! First we got some lunch because a morning full of traveling is pretty tiring and makes you hungry. After that we just started to walk around the neighborhood and we found some really cool street art and a nice park where we enjoyed the sun.

And then it was time to finally check in to our apartment! The rest of the night we got some groceries and cooked a lovely dinner. Since we were all very tired from this traveling day, we decided to plan some things for the rest of the week and get a good night rest because the next day was going to be a productive one!

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On Sunday night we decided to go to Camp Nou on Monday, which is the FC Barcelona stadium. My friends and I already bought the tickets online so we wouldn’t have to wait in line when we got there. And we did the right thing because it was so busy when we got there. A lot of football clubs from abroad came here to see what it would look like if they would be professionals.

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I had never been in a football stadium like this and it was very impressive to see. We saw a dressing room, lots of prices and a lot more. As you can see on the photo above you also have a very nice view from the outside of the stadium.

After that we wanted to see Casa Battló. The night before we looked up some photos and it looked really cool so we wanted to go there. When we got out of the metro station we didn’t see anything yet, so we started to walk on the Ramblas. After a while we realized that we just walked by the Casa Battló, so stupid haha. We didn’t see it because the sun was shining on us instead of the building, but it was indeed really beautiful to see!

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After realizing how stupid we were, we started walking down the Ramblas again. Then we discovered the Plaça Reial! This is such a beautiful place to see. It has a fountain in the middle of it with lots of plamtrees around (which I love). And then we saw this store called Double Agent. But I won’t tell you too much about this store yet because that’s what’s next weeks post will be about (so get excited). But as you can see, I did buy something there…

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As you can tell we already saw and did a lot of touristy things the first days of our trip! But there is a second part of this photo diary where I show you some photos I took in Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia, watching FC Barcelona play, going to the beach and more. Have you been to Barcelona before? What is your favorite photo of this diary?



Btw thank you so much for all the congratulations of Thoughts in Style’s first birthday! If you would like to win some of my favorite things, you should definitely click here!


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  1. Ahh mooie foto’s! Prachtige stad is het, leuk verslag ook! Mijn favoriete foto is die van het Placa Reial, mooi pleintje is dat!

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