Fashion And Music Are A Very Good Combination | Event: Fierce Fashion Festival

On Saturday May 16 it was finally time for Fierce Fashion Festival by Modemusthaves! My friends and I got tickets for this first ever fashion festival a long time ago and last weekend it was finally there. Unfortunately the day didn’t start off that great because it was raining, typical weather for The Netherlands… But it got better throughout the day. I took a lot of photos this day because there were a lot of fun things at this fashion festival, which I really wanted to share with you!

We got at the festival pretty early, which was great because it wasn’t as busy and you didn’t really have to wait in line for anything. So we wandered around a little bit to see what was there and sometime caught our eye… A photo booth! I really like photo booths and since there was no waiting line, we got our photos taken. As you can see down here, they are pretty funny and we look so beautiful (not) because of the lovely rain haha.

After we got our beautiful photos taken, we decided to check all the different stands and trucks out. I had never seen a fashion truck but here they had two different fashion trucks. Fashion trucks are like a clothing store on weels. We don’t really have this a lot in The Netherlands so it was fun to see at the festival!

Besides the fashion trucks, they also had a couple food trucks! You could get pancakes, pizza, coffee, tea and a lot more. Of course we got a little pizza for lunch (which was delicious) and we also got a bag of candy. This actually reminded me a lot of when I was little. When we went on a trip with school, I always used to get a bag of candy for this trip haha. Btw, you may have seen this candy truck before in this blog post

The next things I liked about the festival were all the different decorations. They really tried to give the festival an Ibiza kind of vibe. There were a lot of lanterns, plants (which I really liked), lights and so much more! As you can see, they also had this Modemusthaves scooter standing in one of the stands. I really really really liked this one so of course I had to take a photo.

In between all the different jewelry and clothing stands, were also some shoe stands. One of them was Take Your AIM. Aimée owns Take Your AIM and she makes costum designs on your shoes. The designs I really like are the ones on the Adidas Superstars (you can also see an example of a design in the photo below). The costum designs give your shoes an extra touch, which I really like!

When we were walking around we also saw a stand from Mipacha shoes! I’ve liked these shoes for a while now because of the tribal prints. If I didn’t have so much shoes already, I would have definitely bought a pair at the festival.

If I can say so myself, I think I was a very good girl because I only bought one thing! Over the past weeks I’ve been buying a lot of new things, so I didn’t want to buy anything I didn’t need. So as we were wandering around, I saw this jewelry stand. At the beginning of last week a YouTuber called Sannie (some of the Dutchies might know her) uploaded a new video with an announcement that she had released a bracelet together with this brand called Riverstones. And by chance they were also at the festival! In the video I already saw the bracelet and I really like the thought behind it (it’s all about positivity and happiness) so I decided to get it.

We had a lovely day at Fierce Fashion Festival (besides the rain)! To be honest, I did expect a bit more of the festival but I did really like the concept. I think they should do more of these type of festivals because I really like the concept of shopping with some good music in the background so you can also do a little dance every now and then. Have you ever been to a fashion festival? Would you also want to go to Fierce Fashion Festival?




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76 responses to “Fashion And Music Are A Very Good Combination | Event: Fierce Fashion Festival

  1. Heb veel negatiefs gehoord. En zeker omdat de kaartjes NIET goedkoop waren. Ben blij dat ik niet gegaan ben eerlijk gezegd.

  2. This looks like such a fun day! I don’t know how you managed to only buy one thing, I probably would have spent so much money, lol. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous too :)

    Sadie |

  3. Very nice idea. Fashion and music indeed blends well with festivals like this. I hope there’s going to be one here in our place next time.

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