Plants, Flowers, Initials And A Lot Of Quotes | Interior Inspiration

In my Latest Purchases blog post I talked about only buying one interior item because I already had so much. And it’s really true. I owe a lot of candles, glass candle holders and so much more but most of these are more fall and winter items. For the spring and summertime I like plants and flowers a lot more. The title of this post kind of gives everything away but those are the items that are in my room right now, which I really want to share with you and maybe this gives you some inspiration for your room!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

First off, let’s take a minute for my beautiful plant friends. In this post from almost a year ago I just got my first three cacti from Ikea. I love going to Ikea and when I saw them, I just had to have them and yes they’re still alive! I am not really good with keeping plants alive because I forget to water them…

So when I wanted some new plants for my bedroom a couple weeks ago, I got two succulent plants. You don’t have to water them that often and there are so many different kinds (the one on the right is my favorite). And to make it look even more awesome, you can always do what Diana did in her DIY video. She put the plants into a mason jar filled with a layer of decorative stones and loam, which looks really nice!

Since I also really like flowers, I also try to keep some roses every once in awhile. Right now I have some pretty fake ones (just because I am too lazy to get real ones) and I keep them in these two little bottles because it looks cute (in the video Diana also shows how she keeps flowers!).

The next thing I have a lot in my room are my initials. I don’t know why but I really like initials, not only in an interior but also for jewelry. Right now you see a lot of initial necklaces but when I was in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago, I found a really cute little N at this store called De Weldaad and it has to be the favorite initial I own at the moment.

I also really like to create things that I see a lot in magazines or on other blogs. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of banners with inspirational quotes. So I thought I should try to make myself one. I already made one for my birthday but this time I wanted it to look different. I just took some thick paper in white and black, a pencil, some glue, scissors and thread. First I cut out the shape of banners I wanted, then I drew the letters how I wanted them, cut those out and glued them on the banners. After that I glued them to the thread and my banner is done! It’s a really cute way to display one of your favorite quotes!

And last but not least, my photo frames. As you might know I love to scroll through Weheartit to find new inspirational photos and quotes. I used to have all kinds of photos in the frames of my trips but I decided to change this. I found the posters with Andy Warhol’s quotes and I really liked them so I put two of them in a frame. And in my other frames I put these inspirational wanderlust quotes from Modemusthaves!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

As you can tell, I really like interior stuff (mostly because of my old internship and Maison&Objet). I can’t really decide what my favorite interior item is at the moment but I also wanted to include my glass jewelry box, which I talked about in my Latest Purchases (because I also really like how this looks in my room at the moment)… Do you like these interior inspiration posts? What is your favorite out of these items?




58 responses to “Plants, Flowers, Initials And A Lot Of Quotes | Interior Inspiration

  1. lovely pots for the cactus! funny, I just went out and bought some terrariums today for my apartment. :D


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