Designed & Printed By Locals | Typographia, Barcelona

If I am in a city I’ve never been before, I always want to do the touristy stuff but also just wander around, explore and find some unique spots. Those spots could be a cute cafe, a lovely garden or an interesting store. So when we got back from Parc Güell, we decided to walk back to the metro station. On our way there, I suddenly saw this store called Typographia, which had some really nice printed shirts so we decided to go in.

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Typographia | Carrer de la Mare de Deu del Coll 2, Barcelona

When you enter the store, the interior looks really simple. They have a two clothing racks, old wooden tables and shelves where the shirts are displayed. It’s a really spacious store, which makes it so easy to see all the different designs of the shirts.

I also wanted to share some examples of the different designs. A couple of my favorites were the dismantled bike (which my friend got!), the normal bike in two different colors, the red shirt with an 8mm camera and the shirts with the monkeys were all so funny!

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But I was wondering: Where does Typographia get their designs from? So when we got back to our apartment, I searched for their website. On their website it says “Designed & printed by locals”. So people from around Spain can just send their designs to Typographia and maybe they will print and sell it in their store! People from around the world can also submit their designs but they will only be sold online (which is still really awesome!). I think this is such a cool concept and they should definitely do this in more countries (The Netherlands please).

All their shirts are Unisex but they are really fitting. You won’t look like a square when you wear them, which is a great thing. But if you don’t like Unisex shirts, they also have women shirts (you can get those online). But they don’t have all the same designs as the Unisex ones…

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Before we went in to the store, I already saw a shirt in the window I really liked. So when we got in, I immediately wanted to find it to see if I would like it. The shirt I liked was the one with the photography print. It has “The Photographer’s Survival Kit” on it, featuring some vintage camera equipment. Since I love photography, I just had to have this shirt. I took some photos of it and then we left… But two days later I was still thinking about the shirt, so I decided to go back and buy it!

And because I also really liked the “Barcelona” shirt (which you can see below), I got that shirt as a souvenir for my little brother. In each physical store they sell exclusive shirts and the Barcelona shirt is one of them. The photography shirt costs € 19,95 and the Barcelona shirt only costs € 15,95! So the shirts are also really inexpensive!

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You can buy Typographia shirts online on their website and the great thing is… they ship worldwide! But when you’re in Barcelona you can also find the physical store from Typographia here: Carrer de la Mare de Deu del Coll, 2, Barcelona Spain (BTW there’s also a physical store in Lisbon and Madrid!)

I just love the designs of their shirts a lot and I am definitely going to keep an eye on their website because the shirts are also great to give as a gift to someone (or just for yourself haha)! They’re unique and there are a lot of different designs to choose from, so there will definitely be one you like. Do you have a concept store like this around where you live? Which of the designs is your favorite?



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56 responses to “Designed & Printed By Locals | Typographia, Barcelona

  1. Super leuke tip, ik ga volgend jaar een heel jaar naar Barcelona dus alle adresjes zijn welkom :)

  2. Hele mooie winkel, en wat een gaaf concept! Zo krijgen jongere/kleinere (grafisch) designers ook nog een kans om hun ontwerpen te laten zien op shirts :-)

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  5. I do love the typographia t-shirts when I found them in Madrid, however, unfortunately they do not sell them online. Hope they will start soon though, because I can’t really afford to travel to Spain or Portugal to buy a t-shirt :D

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