Here Comes The Festival Season | Outfit Inspiration

If I see all the photos from Coachella on the Internet in April, it’s a kind of realization moment. Because this means tickets will soon be available for all the summer festivals in The Netherlands! Last year I went to Straf_Werk Festival and a couple of weeks ago I went to Fierce Fashion Festival. This summer I won’t attend any other festivals but I do really like the different styles and trends you see at festivals. So instead of going to a festival, I created three outfits (including some very popular festival trends) so people who are going to a festival this summer have some inspiration for their outfits!


In this first outfit I wanted to include the crochet trend. As you can see I am wearing a crochet gilet over this marsala colored top. When looking at photos from a festival like Coachella, you almost see crochet clothing items everywhere (just like @lovelaurenelizabeth wore). I really like how the color of this top looks with the crochet gilet. Of course you could also wear a crochet bra let, shorts or Toms shoes instead of a crochet gilet.

Crochet Gilet: Miss Etam € 27,99 | Marsala Top: Double Agent € 15,99

The rest of this outfit includes my favorite pair of jeans (which you also may have seen in this outfit), some comfortable sneakers from Blackstone Shoes and a pair of sunglasses. I decided to wear these jeans but if it’s really nice weather, you could also wear some distressed jean shorts!

Btw, if you’re new to this whole festival thing, you should definitely check out my festival essentials! I posted this last year and it’s very helpful if you don’t know what you’ll need for a day at a festival.

Floral Patterned Kimono: Miss Etam € 25,00 | White Top: Hollister € 24,95

This second outfit includes a very exciting fashion item, which I’ve wanted one for a while and now I own one. Of course I am talking about this floral kimono! Most of the time I like to wear a sleeveless top with a cardigan over it. But in the summer time a cardigan is way too hot to wear. So when I found out about the kimono, I had to have it. But I never seemed to find a pattern I liked, until this one!

Since the pattern of the kimono is really colorful and busy, I decided to wear a simple white top underneath. This top has a little detail on the sides but it doesn’t take the attention away from the beautiful and flowy kimono.

Flash Tattoos: Action € 0,99

The festival season is also the time to go a little more ‘all out’ with the outfits. I’m not the type of person to wear very strange clothing items but I do like to add a little extra to an outfit. So I decided to put on some flash tattoos. I guess everyone has heard about them because you almost see them at every festival you go. For these outfits I decided to put on three different flash tattoos. I chose a silver arrow (which is definitely my favorite), a gold feather and a gold bracelet.

For the last outfit I got some inspiration from Aspyn Ovard. She uploaded a video to her YouTube channel that includes some summer essentials, outfits and snacks. She included mirrored sunglasses in her video and then I remembered I also had a pair of green mirrored sunglasses! This adds some color to this outfit because I am wearing a black and white tribal patterned top. A tribal pattern is perfect for the summer time and of course for festivals!

Tribal Patterned Top: Miss Etam € 19,99 | Green Mirror Sunglasses: The Sting € 7,95

Well, these were my festival inspired outfits! I know these are still kind of basic but you can dress these up as crazy as you like, that’s the great thing about these outfits. Maybe you can add a black floppy hat or a flower crown. Anyways, here’s a song to get you in to the festival spirit! Are you going to any festivals this summer? Which of these outfits is your favorite?



This was posted in collaboration with Miss Etam


86 responses to “Here Comes The Festival Season | Outfit Inspiration

  1. These are all such gorgeous looks! It’s a shame you can’t go to the festivals this year, but you’ve got such great inspos! I’m absolutely loving the tribal printed top, and that kimono is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing the trend for quite a while now and I’ve been wanting to one for ages — it’s lightweight, perfect for the equatorial weather which I get — so I should get cracking on that, haha.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    May • THE MAYDEN

  2. Wauw , wat een prachtige outfits. Ik ben paar weken geleden naar Rock Werchter geweest, maar kies dan toch voor de simpelere outfits!
    Liefs Iep

  3. Cute style! :) I’ve never heard of Straf_Werk or the Fierce Fashion Festival, but they look like a good time. The Netherlands is also crushing California when it comes to having cute food trucks. ;P

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