Wander, Seek And You Will Find | A Shopping Day In Leiden

There’s only one city where I (almost) know to find everything by heart, and that’s Leiden. I’ve been going there with my parents since I was a little girl. There is so much to do and see in Leiden but since one of my favorite things to do is shop, I felt it was time to share a couple of my favorite stores. These are not your ordinary stores and I think that’s why they are my favorites.

PLUUM | Burgsteeg 2, Leiden

The first store I want to start off with is PLUUM. When you see the photos I took at this store, I think you know why I like it so much. The interior is very simple but also kind of industrial looking. They sell a lot of different things to use and put in your home.

You can find cutlery for in the kitchen, cards to send someone for their birthday, different patterned cushions, unique looking magnets and so much more. If I had my own home I would definitely come here to buy everything to decorate my home. My favorite part of the store has to be the back, which you can see in the photo above. This is where they have some little bits and bobs to give as a gift to someone (or yourself of course) or put in your home and I love that.

Dille & Kamille | Botermarkt 10, Leiden

There’s a little story behind this store. Like I said in the beginning of this blog post, when I was little I used to go to Leiden a lot. I remember my mom always taking me to Dille & Kamille because they had nice coloring books, toys and other stuff. So when I was thinking about creating this post, I immediately thought of Dille & Kamille.

Dille & Kamille is a store that sells a lot of different things. You’ll find stuff to use in your kitchen, things around the house or for in your garden. Everything is made of natural materials, which makes this store very authentic. When I was here to take some photos I found a little notebook in the stationary section. On the front it says “Travel notebook”. I thought it looked so cute, I had to get it. I am definitely bringing it with me on holiday because it has a side where you make notes and on the other side is a little envelop where you can keep things. Perfect for tickets, receipts and more.

Kleedvermaak | Haarlemmerstraat 80, Leiden

Last year I saw this store called Kleedvermaak and found out it was a pop-up store. When I wanted to check out the store, they were already gone. But they are back again and this time they found a space in the middle of the shopping area in Leiden! So when I passed the store with my friend, I definitely wanted to check it out.

Kleedvermaak is a pop-up store that sells second hand clothing items and interior pieces. I really like the look of the store. It looks very simple but still cozy. On one side (which you can see on the photo) they have an area where you can sit down and drink some coffee or tea. In the rest of the store are clothing racks with clothes for men, woman and children. There is something for everyone, which I really like.

Antraciet | Nieuwe Rijn 29, Leiden

Last but not least Antraciet, which I actually found through Facebook. I was looking for some new stores I had never been before and that’s when I saw Antraciet. I think you may have noticed but I really like the concept of selling interior stuff in combination with clothing items. And that’s exactly what this store does.

When you enter the store, you mainly see interior things. Vases, glass boxes (like I bought and showed in this post), candles, cushions and mirrors. In the back of the store are all the different clothing items. The interior of this is really simple with some wood and industrial details. I loved all the different mirrors on the wall when you entered the store (which you can see on one of the photos underneath).

These are a couple of the stores I wanted to share with you. Leiden is one of my favorite cities and since it isn’t that far from where I live, I think I also want to do a post about my favorite lunch spot or something like that. I already posted a couple ‘a day in …’ posts but I did also wanted to try ‘a shopping day in …’ to see if you would like these as well. Would you want to see more of these posts? Which of these stores would you want to visit?




48 responses to “Wander, Seek And You Will Find | A Shopping Day In Leiden

  1. Oh ik hou van Leiden! Zo’n leuke stad en ik vind de dille & kamille winkel ook zo leuk. De andere kende ik nog niet!

    Liefs! Evelien

  2. Super leuk blog heb je! De manier van schrijven die je gebruikt is heel leuk! Nieuwe ”volger” erbij!!

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