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While being on holiday in New York (read part one & two about my trip) and Washington D.C. I did some shopping (of course). I saved some money each month so I could buy a lot of things, especially a new pair of shoes. In the end I didn’t end up spending all of my money and I didn’t even found a pair shoes I liked… But I did score some really nice clothing items, interior stuff, mugs (yes I always buy mugs), cards and more! Just to warn you in advance. The items are not in order from when I bought them so this post is kind of all over the place. Anyways, let’s see what I bought!

New York Skyline Mug: Starbucks $ 14,00 | Magazines: Penn Station $ 2,99 – 4,99

I don’t know why but I just love to buy mugs. It doesn’t really matter if I am in The Netherlands or on holiday, I always seem to find a mug I want to buy. Well, nice story but I think you can guess that I bought another mug. It’s this Starbucks skyline mug, which I have seen on the Internet a lot and now I have it myself, woop woop. Besides the beautiful skyline, it also has this little yellow taxi and the Starbucks logo on there.

When we had to wait for the train to go to Washington, we had some time to kill. That’s when I decided it would be a good idea to get something to read. American magazines are much better than the magazines in The Netherlands. So I got NYLON, TeenVogue and Seventeen Magazine.

Coral Colored Top: Abercrombie & Fitch $ 16,99 | Metro Line Cards: Linecards $ 18,00 (in total)

When in the US, you can’t miss the Abercrombie & Fitch. Yes, we also have a store in Amsterdam but I like the stores in the US a lot better because the clothes are cheaper and not as busy. Especially the store in South Street Seaport is really nice. That’s where I found this coral colored shirt and a dark blue sweater in the sale. You will see the dark blue sweater in an outfit post pretty soon because it’s one of my favorite things to wear at the moment.

In Chelsea Market was this pop-up store with lots of different brands. They had clothing items, jewelry pieces, art works and more. The first thing I saw were these posters with the metro lines of different cities on them. I really really liked them but they were too big to bring home, so I got four cards instead. I got cards from cities I’ve been to: New York City, Washington D.C., Paris and Amsterdam. Oh and I also bought a bag from Chelsea Market.

Quote Shirt: American Eagle $ 19,95 | Earrings: American Eagle $ 20,00

At Times Square are not only the big billboards but also lots of stores. The first time we were walking around, it was so busy that I didn’t want to go in any of the stores. But the second time we went in to American Eagle, that’s where I got a shirt with “Lost in Brooklyn” on it and six pairs of pearl / diamant earrings. I’ve wanted small earrings like these for a really long time so of course I had to get them. And yes, of course we went to the M&M Store. I didn’t get any M&M’s because they would definitely melt so I got a tumblr cup with New York sights on it (am I a real tourist now?).

Coral Lace Top: Free People $ 30,00 | Washington Cherry Blossom Card: Anthropologie $ 6,00

After going On Top of the Rock, also known as the Rockefeller Center, we walked around and went shopping. I watch a lot of different YouTubers and most of them keep talking about Free People clothing in their hauls and outfits. Of course I had to go in and see what it was like. I fell in love with this store the minute I entered. The clothes aren’t cheap but very unique and I think they’re worth it. In the sale I bought this coral colored lace top. I wish they had Free People in The Netherlands but unfortunately not…

Another store I fell in love with is Anthropologie. In Georgetown, Washington we visited this store. They have beautiful clothes but I especially loved their interior items. At first I saw this corner with lots of different stationery stuff (which I love, as you might know). I saw cute notebooks but I especially loved all of the cards. So I got a card with the Washington Cherry Blossoms on there.

It doesn’t stop at the card, no no. I also got something else. You can already see it in the photos below but yes, I got another mug haha. When I saw it in the store, I just had to get it. I’ve seen this one a couple of years ago in a YouTube video (of course) and I really liked it. I imagined it would be pretty expensive but it was only eight (!) dollars!

“N” Initial Mug: Anthropologie $ 8,00 | New York Poster: MoMA $ 21,00

And last but definitely not least, a poster from MoMA! When I went to MoMA with my mom, of course we had to finish our day at the MoMA store. They have some pretty funny stuff there but also some lovely posters of the art work in the museum. After looking at everything, I saw this poster. I immediately grabbed it because it matches my room so well (and I didn’t want anybody else to see it because there was only one *insert evil emoji*)!

This wasn’t actually the last thing because I got two beauty related products as well. When in the US, you have to check out Sephora. I went in and came out with the 24/7 hour glide on eye pencil from Urban Decay and this is (hands down) the best eye pencil EVER. Oh and I also got a EOS lip balm just because I wanted to try it out hihi. What do you think about my purchases? Which item would you buy as well?




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40 responses to “Work Hard So You Can Shop Harder | Latest Purchases

  1. Die beker is zo leuk! :D Ik hou ook van dat soort dingen. Ik koop ze meestal als herinnering aan een leuke dag of mooi moment ;) En wow Abercrombie&fitch is zeker goedkoper daar! Normaal zou zo’n shirt hier al 25 euro kosten. Belachelijk eigenlijk haha~

  2. Wat een leuke aankoopjes heb je gedaan! De mokken zijn erg heel erg leuk! Jammer dat je een mooi paar schoenen niet hebt kunnen vinden in New York.

  3. Lovely purchases! Ik kan alleen maar terugdromen naar shoppen in New York. Die posters en kaartjes zijn ook echt wel leuke souvenirs om eventueel in je kamer te hangen!

  4. Lovely purchases! I’m going to try and track down that Starbucks mug (I have the same ‘N’ one from Anthropologie, and around the holidays they have it in gold foil lettering – super cute!).


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