On Sundays We Are Creative | Brandy Melville Inspired DIY

In my Summer Resolutions I talked about what I wanted to do and accomplish this summer. One of these things was to make more DIY’s. I love to be creative and make something but when I have school, it’s just too busy. That’s why I thought this summer would be a great time to make some of my ideas in to reality. One of these ideas is this Brandy Melville inspired creation. Since I discovered Brandy Melville, I’ve always wanted to try to make this myself. Still don’t know what I am talking about? Well, of course I am talking about the very popular Brandy Melville signs!

This is what you’ll need for this DIY: inspiration (go on the internet and see what you want to put on your wooden sign), a piece of wood, paint (white, black and one other color of your choose), a paintbrush, tape, sand paper, two nails with a hook and thread.

The first thing I did was looking through some photos for inspiration. It’s very important to decide what you want to put on your sign. When I went to Amsterdam a couple of months ago, of course I went in to Brandy Melville. I saw they had some new signs there so I took a photo to use an example for this DIY. I chose to use ‘Good Vibes’‘Dream Big’ and ‘Stay Weird’.

After that I could start painting the pieces of wood I got. I got three different colors of paint so I could every one of them a bit different. You can definitely find good size pieces of wood at a craft store or maybe even some left over wood in your garage (you never know what you might find there haha). But before I started to paint my pieces of wood, I grabbed my sand paper and made sure the edges weren’t chipped.

For every one of my signs I wanted to use one basic color. In this case white (as always). To make this a very light base, I use a paint roller. This way you can actually see the wood through the paint, which looks really cool (at least I think).

I left the base color dry for about 15 minutes. Since it was a thin layer of paint, it dries very quick. This was when I had to decide how thick I wanted the border of the sign to be. Of course I didn’t want it to be too thick since the letters still had to go in. So I went with 2 centimeters.

To make sure the inner part (where the letters were going to go) wouldn’t be covered in the border paint, I got my tape and taped the inner part. When you paint the borders, make sure you also do the sides of the wooden sign. I left the border paint dry for about half an hour because this was a thicker layer of paint and then peeled of the tape.

Now comes the hard part. If you have template or a stencil, this part is easy but I couldn’t find one that worked for the size of letters I wanted. That’s when I decided to just print the letters and cut out the letters so I would have created my own stencil.

I taped the self made stencil to the sign. As you can see in the end result photos, my ‘Stay Weird’ sign turned out to be a bit crooked. I don’t really mind it because it fits the text on the sign but you do have to check if it is in the right place. When I taped the stencil to the sign, I lightly painted on the color I chose for the letters.

To finish the sign and make it look more ‘vintage’, I grabbed the sand paper again and faded the edges a little bit. I think this made the signs look even better. In one of the signs I put two nail hooks. This way I could hang it in my room instead of putting it on a shelve. And this is the end result!

I am very happy with how they turned out and since I still have some pieces of wood left, I am definitely making some other ones! Maybe one with ‘Live, Laugh, Love’? Or ‘Thoughts in Style’? Let me know what you would put on your sign. Which one of these is your favorite? Are you going to try this DIY?




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