All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall | Outfit

“Cause it’s too cold for you here and now, so let me hold both your hands in the holes of my sweater.” – The Neighbourhood (Sweater Weather)

These are the lyrics of a song I love to play in the fall or winter time. I think a song can easily give you a fall or winter feeling and that’s why I really like this song. The song is also a hint for what you’re going to see in this outfit post. I wanted to try something new for this post. You will have to see for yourself what that ‘new’ thing is but if you have seen some of my other outfit posts, I think you’ll notice right away…

Quote Sweater: Mode Musthaves € 29,95

The first thing I am wearing in this outfit is this white sweater. There’s a little story behind it, which you might recognize yourself in haha. When I saw this sweater on sale, I thought okay this is my chance. I’ve wanted it for a while now and buying something you’ve wanted on sale feels so good. When I got to the check out page, I remembered I still had a giftcard I could use!

Anyways, enough about me saving money. I really like to wear sweaters in the fall time.  This one because it says ‘Good Morning A’dam’ and since that’s one of my favorite cities, I couldn’t resist. It’s also easy to pair with other clothing items and really casual (which I love as you might know haha).

In The Netherlands fall weather is either beautiful with lots of sunshine and normal temperatures or really cold and rainy. But I still really like fall. One of the things I adore about fall are the colors. I can finally wear lots of black (without having people look at me like okay…) and wear lots of burgundy colored clothing items. In a blog post last year I discussed five things why everybody should love the fall time.

Light Blue Jeans: ONLY € 29,95 | Butterfly Bracelet: Heart To Get € 39,95

If you have seen more outfit posts on here, you might know that I mostly wear dark colored jeans or trousers. I don’t know why but for some reason I always end up buying dark colored jeans. So when I was in Utrecht a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to buy a new pair of jeans and decided to get this light blue pair. At first I wasn’t really sure but I am in love! I wear them so much and I like how the light blue looks in combination with white and grey, especially when you cuff your jeans a little bit (fashion tip alert!).

With jewelry I’ve always been very minimalistic. I always wear the same necklace and small pearl earrings. When I feel like it, I will wear two of my favorite bracelets. In this outfit I am wearing one of them. It’s this butterfly bracelet, which I also wore in another blog post.

Skyline Mug: Starbucks $ 14,00

How about a hot cup of tea? I love to drink hot drinks like tea in the fall and winter time because it gives me this cozy feeling. Not everybody might like the colder weather but when you have a fuzzy blanket, a soft sweater and a cup of tea (maybe with a cookie) it makes everything better. At the moment I use my skyline mug, which I got in New York. It’s really big and every time I look at it, it takes me back to the time I was walking around Fifth Avenue or Central Park. I bought a lot of other things as well when I was there and in Washington D.C. so if you would like to know what I bought, you should check this blog post!

This was a kind of different outfit post than what I normally do but I really like how it turned out. This gives you an example of what I look like when I am working or blogging at home. I think I work best at home because I can be the most comfortable and sit wherever I want. Sometimes I like to just sit in my bed and other times I work at my desk, which you might have seen here… What do you wear when you’re working or blogging from home? Would you like to see more of these relaxed outfit posts?



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48 responses to “All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall | Outfit

  1. I just bought my first couple pairs of lighter-washed denim. I was strictly dark was or black – there was never an in between. But I will tell you, I have been loving my lighter colored denim, as you may be able to tell if you see some of my posts. I basically have been living in them since late summer.

    Nicolette | The Magnolia Girls

  2. Leuke blog meid! Lekker comfy!

    Ik zou nog even reageren over deze week (helemaal vergeten :O sorry, ik ben zo druk en ook echt verkouden en ziekjes) dus deze week gaat hem niet meer worden…liever na mijn tentamens! Zal ik je dan een berichtje doen:)?! xxx

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