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When you’re on holiday, of course you have to discover places but also new clothing stores. Shopping is very important wherever you are, don’t you think? Every country has it’s own special stores. When I was in Barcelona with my friends I found Double Agent and Typographia. I had never heard of these stores and I ended up loving their clothes. If you go to the States, you have so many stores to go to… Here are five different stores that I loved while being in New York and Washington D.C.!

Free People | Rockefeller Center, New York City

I always hear Katy Bellotte talk about clothing items from Free People in her videos. Since they don’t have stores like this in The Netherlands, I have never been there. So when we were in The States, it was definitely on my list to visit.

The day we went to the Rockefeller Center, I saw a Free People store and had to beg everyone to go in. When we just went in, I already liked the store. It was so big and the decor is beautiful. Clothes, shoes, interior pieces, dancing gear and more! I know it isn’t cheap but all of their pieces are unique and from the best quality. Definitely worth a visit!

South Street Local Artist’s | South Street Seaport, New York City

Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this store but I did want to mention it. South Street Seaport is a district known for its shops. Well, when I was there I saw this shop on a corner at the beginning of South Street Seaport. I went in to the store with my mom and we instantly fell in love with all of the goodies they have there. They sell things like sunglasses, cards, jewelry and more. All of these are designed by local artist’s (just like the name of the shop says) and you’ll find lots of different treasures here.

Chelsea Market | Chelsea, New York City

If you know what Chelsea Market is, you wouldn’t see it as a something where you can buy something else than food. But when I was there, I actually found a pop-up store with lots of different brands called ID Pop Shop!

ID Pop Shop is a concept where they have this place in Chelsea Market for about a week every month. In the shop they have different brands and artists sell their products. When I was there they had brands selling clothing items, jewelry pieces, posters (like you can see below), paintings and more. If you want to know when they are ‘popping up’ again, check their Facebook page!

Anthropologie | Georgetown, Washington D.C.

I think this store was on the top of my list to go to just because I had seen that people have the cutest stuff from there. I was on a mission and went looking for this particular initials mug. Since this store had two floors, I first looked at all of the clothes and then went to the interior stuff. I would love to decorate my whole house with everything they have. The thing that surprised me about Anthropologie was their bridal corner. I am not getting married any time soon but I would definitely buy some bridesmaids dresses here. Anyways, the clothes are not something you can find at every store (the designs are very unique but not cheap) and their interior stuff is the best. You will fall in love when you walk around the store, trust me.

Made Well | Georgetown, Washington D.C.

After having some lunch in Georgetown, we walked by Made Well and I really wanted to go in. I had seen photos of the clothes from Made Well on Instagram but never been to one. When we walked in, I loved the interior of it. It had lots of brick walls exposed, quotes and lights all around. If a store looks cute, I am always temped to stay longer in the store and look at everything they have. At Made Well they have clothes but also jewelry, shoes and accessoires. In the end I ended up taking so many photos in the store just because I fell in love with the interior haha.

And that’s already it! These were the five stores I think you have to pay a visit if you’re in The States. I am already looking forward to go another trip where I can visit new stores and discover hotspots. Maybe London? Or Antwerp? You never know… What do you think of these kind of posts? What is your favorite out of these five?




47 responses to “Where To Shop When You’re In The States | Five Things

  1. It’s such a helpful post for those going to the states for the first time, or just simply never really shopped there. I love free people so much, and as you said the shops’ interior design is so important, I always spend much more time in a shop if it’s cute, simply because it feels good to be in there.

    xo, Esther


  2. Waaauww deze winkels zijn allemaal zo mooi, er hangen echt mooie items tussen! Ik kende free people al, maar de rest niet. En double agent is zo mooi, ik vind hen altijd een soort van goedkope brandy melville :)

  3. Ahhh dat ziet er allemaal zo leuk uit! Klinkt goed! Ik kijk best vaak op de Free People website, zou echt graag naar de winkel zelf toe willen. Liefs

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