How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are | Outfit

When I think of fashion, I think about Paris. I don’t know why but I think Paris is very fashionable and Paris style fits me the best. The outfits mostly consist of basic items but everything looks really classy. When I went to NSMBL Festival last weekend (you’ll read more about it next week) the theme was “Une Fête Parisienne”. This is an outfit inspired by all of the different outfits I saw at the festival!

Before I want to start this post I wanted to talk about something… You might already know that I am in the running to win the Zalando Blogger People’s Choice Award! The voting is open until the 15th of October so I need your help. It would help a lot if you would go this link, click on ‘stem hier’, enter my blog link, fill in your name and email address. It will only take a minute and it would mean so much! Thanks in advance!

Dark Striped Top: Zara € 7,95 | Black High Waisted Jeans: ONLY € 29,95

I am all about stripes. If I don’t know what to wear, I’ll look at the clothes in my clothes and always go for one of my striped shirts. Well, that was kind of the story of this outfit. When I was looking online for some new clothing items, I saw this dark striped shirt. I have lots of striped clothing items but not a dark one like this. So of course it ended up at my doorstep after a couple of days, oops. It’s a little shorter than normal shirts but not like a crop top, so that’s good!

Everyone should have a pair of high waisted black jeans in their closet. I didn’t have one for a long time but when I saw one at the store, I just had to try it on. Since I got it, I love to wear it. I still have a couple of shorter shirts (like the one I am wearing in this outfit) from summer and now I can wear them all year around with my high waisted jeans.

Dark Grey Cape: Sutherland € 19,95 | Chelsea Boots: Graceland € 24,90

I’ve been seeing capes a lot for the fall time. I got this cape a couple of years ago but never got around to wearing it. At the moment the weather is perfect to wear a cape like this as a jacket. Mine is kind of thin but if you want to wear it as a real coat, you can always look for a thicker cape (I also saw them with lots of cute designs btw). I really like how it looks with this outfit. It’s really easy to throw on so it’s definitely a great item to have for the weather in between summer and fall.

A Parisienne can’t leave the house with a pair of chelsea boots on her feet, especially black ones. Of course I had to wear mine with this outfit. Chelsea boots are a must to have in your shoe stash because they go with every type of outfit. You can wear them very casual but classy just like this outfit. They also look good with a girly outfit, like a skater skirt and blouse.

Casio Watch: Lucardi € 29,90 | Marble Phone Case: GoCustomized € 14,95

An outfit wouldn’t be complete without some different accessories. Of course I am wearing my Erika Ray Ban Sunglasses. I’ve been wearing them like crazy because when winter starts, there won’t be much sun here in The Netherlands. The next accessoire you can see is my new marble phone case. I’ve been loving the marble trend at the moment. Not only for interior pieces but also phone cases or jewelry.

As for my jewelry I am firstly wearing my everyday jewelry pieces like my pearl earrings. Today I decided to wear this small retro Casio watch from Lucardi. They have lots of different retro Casio watches like this silver one (also gold and even rose gold) but I definitely like this one the best. I go through these stages where I like to wear a watch and now I am really into it. My wrists are really small so most watches are way too big for me but this one is perfect.

I’ve been wearing this outfit lots the past couple of weeks. It’s a great basic outfit to start with and you’re always able to dress it up. If you’re going to a fancy event, change the Chelsea boots for some strappy heels, put on a big statement necklace and you’re ready to go! What do you think of this outfit? What is your favorite Paris inspired outfit?



This was posted in collaboration with Lucardi


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