Paris Meets Amsterdam | Event: NSMBL Festival

About a week and a half ago I went to NSMBL Festival with Elba. Last week you already saw an outfit inspired by all of the different outfits I saw at the festival. This week I wanted to share what the festival looked like and what kind of stands were there. The theme was “Une Fête Parisienne” and as you can see in the photo below, it looked like a Paris wonderland. There was French music playing, which made the Westergasfabriek really feel like Paris.

When we entered, we firstly wanted to just wander around and see what they had at the festival. We saw lots of different food and shop stands. But of course Elba spotted a photo booth and we had to get our photos taken. We did have to wait for a little bit but it was definitely worth it. The photos turned out so cute. I love to keep photo booth photos, look back at them in a few years and remember how fun the event was.

Besides a fun photo booth and beautiful decor (to make it feel like you’re really in Paris), they also had stands where you could shop all kinds of different brands. I wanted to include my favorites in this blog post as well. One of them is Intermission. I had never heard of this brand before but they have the greatest accessories, so many beautiful bags and wallets. The thing I really liked was how they set up their stand because you had lots of room to walk around (which I think is important) and look at all their products.

The exciting thing at the festival would be that they would launch the NSMBL Icon Collection by Omoda. They had released some videos where they show some sneak peeks of the designs, so of course I wanted to check them out. I am not the type of person that ever wears heels but I would like to wear them more. I think every girl should have a classis pair of high heels in their closet. From all of the designs I liked the pink heels and black booties the best (you can find more information about the shoes here).

Things I Like I Love was also a stand at the festival. This store has been on my list to visit in Amsterdam for such a long time. When I saw that they were also here, I got really excited. First I took a look at their clothing items and I saw so many sweaters I would like to have in my closet. As you can see in the photo below, their accessories are too cute to handle. I almost bought a scarf but I didn’t because now I have a reason to visit their store haha.

An event with Paris as theme can’t go without food and drinks, especially macarons. I was looking forward to having a couple macarons but the line for coins to get food was so long… There was only one place where everyone could get the coins from. So when we got in there already was a long line and after walking around for a bit (in the hopes it would get shorter), the line got even longer. That’s when we decided to just look around the shopping stands (where you could just pay with money).

One of the founders of NSMBL, Anna Nooshin, got to make her own Yoghurt Barn Special. Yoghurt Barn is this place where you can choose your own kind of yoghurt and toppings. I haven’t been to one of their stores before but I’ve wanted to try the special for a really long time. Since the line was too long to get the coins, I think I have to visit one of their stores pretty soon (maybe something for another blog post?).

I didn’t plan on buying anything… Well, of course I bought something in the end (this always happens). When we entered the festival, we got this canvas bag. As you might know, I buy lots of canvas bags all the time so welcome to the family! At the Gathershop stand I got this “live. travel. adventure. bless and don’t be sorry.” card because I did’t have enough cards already haha. Lastly I got a makeup palette. When I saw there was a W7 stand, I found this “In The City” palette with lots of natural colors (which are my favorite) and bought it. Unfortunately I felt really sick at one point at the festival and that’s why we left a little bit early but I did have a really fun time. Have you been to NSMBL Festival? What do you think about my purchases?




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61 responses to “Paris Meets Amsterdam | Event: NSMBL Festival

  1. Leuk om je ervaring te lezen. Ik ben op zondag geweest (heb er ook over geschreven) maar het was een één keer en nooit meer event! De setting en locatie was super tof, het event zelf vond ik tegen vallen.

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