Small Place With Lots Of Treasures | Interior Inspiration

Since I am always looking for inspiration for my room and future house, I definitely wanted to do another interior inspiration post about somebody’s room. I was looking for another room to photograph and that’s when I thought of Eline’s room. I’ve known Eline for a pretty long time (have you read about our visit to Sissy-Boy Daily?) and she has the cutest little room with some vintage pieces, DIY projects and more. I got lots of inspiration from photographing her room and I think you will as well when looking at the photos!

Since Eline’s room is pretty small, her bed takes up the most space. This isn’t a problem at all because it looks so cozy. She put some photos, art work (which she made herself) and fairy lights around her bed. “The favorite part of my room is my bed, I think. I’m always very strict on making my bed in the morning because I can’t stand it when it looks like a sleepy mess. Besides, I love how it looks and feels because it’s soft and warm between my pillows and my sheep blanket (you can never have too many pillows, right?).” 

This room has lots of little treasures in it, especially on this cabinet. Eline put little things in her room to remember trips, for example. She put some stones from a trip to Corfu in a copper colored glass box. On the frame behind the glass box she put these three little glasses. As I was taking photos of her room, Eline went outside and picked some flowers to put in them (cute right?). On the other side of the cabinet are different kind of campagne and water bottles. Together they look so nice and in spring you can put some flowers in it, which will look good and make the room smell fresh. In winter you can put drip candles in them for a cool effect!

Next to her window Eline made this little corner with a couple things, including this beautiful vintage lamp from her grandma. I would actually love to have a lamp like this in my room. It’s a very classical lamp but when you style it with the right items, it will also look modern. With the lamp Eline put some sea shells (which she also took home from a trip) and a photo frame in the same style as the lamp.

A room from a student isn’t complete without a desk. Opposite her bed, Eline has her desk. This desk has the typical student stuff on it. Books, laptop, notes and a hot cup of tea. On her desk Eline also keeps this inspirational notebook. This contain lots of interior pieces she would like to have in her future home. “My dream house is an old house, like the ones you find in the center of Leiden. I would style it romantic, with dark wooden furniture, an old wooden floor, my beautiful armchair from my granddad and loads of cushions and candles. Obviously not (too) old-fashioned but in a modern kind of way.” 

Besides photographing other people’s bedrooms, searching on Weheartit and keeping an inspirational notebook like Eline, I also like to get interior inspiration from scrolling through different websites. This gives me lots of inspiration for my room at the moment and future home. I will see so many ideas, which I can incorporate into my room to my own liking.

If I had to chose my favorite spot in Eline’s room, it would definitely this next one. It’s this little corner besides her closet. Eline is always on the search for new furniture pieces (especially at Sissy-Boy haha) but also second hand or vintage things. This corner consists of a second hand table, an old school phone and a vintage looking globe. Things like these give a room this home and cozy type feeling, right?

Just besides her door she also has this cute spot. Placing a mirror next to your door is the perfect spot. When you leave, you can check how your hair and makeup look (very important of course haha). Underneath is a calendar, which Eline colored in herself. I think a calendar like this is really cool to have because you can decide your own color scheme. And the last thing is this hook with lots of different tags on it. If you have unique clothing tags, it’s always fun to display them in your room.

It’s never too late to change your room around and add new things. “There’s is definitely something I would like to add to my room: a shelf besides my bed… I can put some photos and a little plant on it. Oh and my little lights would look so much better.” I am really sad it’s already the end of this blog post because I like creating these kind of posts. Let me know if I should do more of these in 2016 because I am always curious about what you think. All of the upcoming blog posts will have to do something with my birthday and Christmas so get excited! What do you think about Eline’s room? Where do you get your interior inspiration?




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82 responses to “Small Place With Lots Of Treasures | Interior Inspiration

  1. Leuk om te zien! Mooie details ook allemaal, heel leuk dat het ook heel persoonlijk is doordat het bijv. herinneringen zijn van een reis!

  2. Hier krijg ik inderdaad heel veel inspiratie van! Heel tof dat ze ondanks haar kleine kamer, het toch zo mooi heeft ingericht. De foto’s zijn ook heel mooi! Liefs, Evelijn (

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