It’s The Season To Be Jolly | Christmas Cookies & Cupcakes

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday of all time. When I close my eyes and think of Christmas, I hear my family laughing and smell lots of good food. Last year I made a post about my five favorite Christmas things. This year I wanted to do something different. I’ve always loved to bake but since school takes up a lot of time, I don’t do it that often. Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to bake some creations and share those with you! 

First things first, the Christmas cupcakes. You will need: 300 grams flour, 200 grams sugar, 125 grams butter, 120 ml milk, 2 tablespoons baking powder, 2 tablespoons vanilla extract, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon salt. Since it’s Christmas, of course you need some festive cupcake cases (mine are from Ikea) and a tin. Because I already did a post on how to bake these delicious vanilla cupcakes, I will link the post here so you can follow the rest of the recipe there.

Decorating the cupcakes is the most exciting part of this post (well, at least I think). For this part you will need: different colors fondant (I used red, green, yellow and white), chocolate pens and thin icing to make the fondant stick to your cupcake (you can make this with icing sugar and a little bit of water). First massage the fondant a bit, then rolling it out until you have a thin layer left. Now you can get as creative as you want!

Of course you have to have some inspiration before deciding what you want your cupcakes to look like. Eline and I went on Pinterest and found lots of cute Christmas designs. Above you can see we made a santa claus, reindeer, snowman and snowflakes. As a background we used the white fondant and made our designs with the other colors. The two easy ones are the reindeer and face of a snowman. For the reindeer you only need a red nose from fondant, antlers, mouth and eyes, which you can draw with the chocolate pens. How easy and cute!

Below you can see the other designs we made. These look really complicated but we just used cookies cutters to create the shapes of the Christmas tree and leaves. The funny thing is, we used smaller Christmas tree cookies cutters to make the Christmas leaves. Put two or three together, add some berries in the middle and finish it with some chocolate pen detailing. Same for the Christmas tree. 🎄

And yes, of course we also made some Christmas cookies. I’ve been loving to bake cookies for scratch lately so I wanted to bake them and put a Christmas design on them. For these cookies you will need: 200 grams of flour, 150 grams of butter, 100 grams of sugar and 1 egg yolk. This recipe is very simple. First mix the flour and sugar, then add the sugar, egg yolk and butter. You have to knead the dough in to a ball and let it rest in the fridge for 30 mins. After that you can roll out your dough, take your cookie cutters and go crazy. It depends on the thickness of your dough how many cookies you can make but as you can see, I made a lot. While being crazy with the cookie cutters, pre heat your oven on 160º Celsius and when you’re finished, put them in for about 15 minutes. You do have to check them every once in awhile because every oven bakes the cookies different. When they are golden brown, your cookies are done!

Well, the cookies aren’t fully done. After letting them cool down, it’s time to decorate the cookies with icing. *Confession* I am kind of lazy and didn’t feel like making the icing myself. I just bought a pack of icing at the store and used that. But of course you can also make your own icing (there are lots of recipes on the internet).

Eline and I decided to outline most of the cookies with the white icing but we also made some snowflakes from star shaped cookies. ❄️ At first I thought it would be very hard to create these but it’s actually really simple (thanks to Pinterest haha). How to create a snowflake is explained in this image and you can definitely give your own spin on them, like I did. Besides the beautiful snowflakes we also made some reindeer cookies, just like the reindeer cupcakes. Cute, right? Btw, when you finished icing your cookies, let them dry for about an hour before putting them away. Otherwise all of your work will be destroyed and that would be sad…

And this is already the end of this Christmas post! I absolutely loved making all of these on a rainy afternoon. It does take some time to create all of the designs but when you put on a Christmas playlist, time will pass very quickly. And after all of the baking, grab a fuzzy blanket, put on a Christmas movie (Love Actually!) and enjoy all of the baked goods! I hope everyone will have a very merry Christmas 🎅 Are you planning on baking these cookies and cupcakes? What is your favorite Christmas song?




76 responses to “It’s The Season To Be Jolly | Christmas Cookies & Cupcakes

  1. Wat heb je deze mooi versierd zeg! Ik had laatst Gingerbread Men gekocht en ze waren heeeeelemaal mislukt. Hah! Fijne Kerstdagen, liefs Sjoukje xx

  2. Dat zijn de schattigste, liefste cupcakes en koekjes die ik heb gezien, echt ontzettend leuk! En lekker natuurlijk, zie daar maar eens vanaf te blijven, haha.

  3. Wat een leuke receptjes Neeltje, en ook onwijs mooie foto’s! Echt heel tof om te zien. Die cupcakes zijn ook serieus TE cute haha, leuk met al die figuurtjes erop!

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