Be Merry, Grateful And Bright | Birthday & Christmas Gifts

December is always a very hectic month. A lot of things happen, including celebrating my birthday and Christmas. I’ve always loved celebrating Christmas and giving gifts. But of course I also received gifts. In this post I wanted to show some of the things I got for my birthday and Christmas (some you might have already seen them)!

I didn’t ask anything in particular for my birthday, except for a lightbox! I had seen one on Masion&Objet last year and since then I’ve really wanted one. Throughout the year more companies started to sell them so I asked for one for my birthday. And yes, I got one (otherwise I wouldn’t talk about it in this post haha). It’s so much fun to change the letters and symbols on it. Definitely one of my favorite presents that I got for my birthday.

In a couple of my blog posts you might have read about one of my favorite stores at the moment. Sissy-Boy has so many cute things and that’s why I really love this store. Of course Eline knows this and bought a couple of things from there. First off, two ornaments. Since I turned twenty years of age they are a 2 and 0 (duh haha). With the cute ornaments, I also got two mugs! These are so cute with the little golden stars on them (how cute!).

If you’ve read my gift inspiration post you already know that I am really into inspirational books and a couple of these books were on my wish list for this year. My friends and family know this very well so almost every year I receive one for my birthday or Christmas. I had never heard of ‘The Polaroid Book’ but my friends know me too well and I’ve been loving to look through this book for photography inspiration.

For my birthday I got mostly surprised by presents I didn’t expect to get (which is the most fun I think). One of these things was a parfum. A couple of years ago I used to put on parfum every single day but since that one ran out, I never got a new one. Elba was so kind and got me a new parfum. It’s ‘La Vie Est Belle’ from Lancôme and it smells really nice. And sorry, I am not good at explaining a scent so you have to go to the store and smell it yourself haha.

With the polaroid book, I also got this frame with an elephant in it. When my friends and I visited Søstrene Grene in The Hague for the first time, we saw this and all loved it. I want to do something with different kind of prints in frames in my room (which you’ll see soon). And everyone that’s close to me, knows that I love to be comfortable. My aunt and uncle gave me this ‘Bonsoir NYC’ sweater from Penn & Ink and I am in love with it. Ever since I got it, I’ve been wearing it nonstop (you’ll definitely see this in an outfit post on here haha).

From Eline I didn’t only get the golden star mugs and ornaments but also these two adorable cacti. Now that I got these, I have seven cacti in my room (oops). Besides the two golden star mugs, I got another mug (yep, I still don’t have enough mugs). This is from Make International and I really like that they have different kind of sayings or words on it.

After some of my birthday gifts, on to the things I got for Christmas. I went Christmas shopping with my mom and brother because we didn’t know what to get for everyone. When we walked through the home section of Primark I found these ball shaped fairy lights and for some reason, they ended up underneath the Christmas tree. Just like this glass stolp. In these photos I put one of my cacti underneath the glass stolp but I think I want to display something different. If you have ideas, let me know! Oh, and I also received some gift cards, which I love to get. This way I can get something whenever I would like to.

I know this post I already talked a lot about my cacti but I promise this is the last thing that has to do with plants haha. At Urban Outfitters I saw these terrariums to put plants or cacti in. I really like how this looks in every interior so I have been looking for one. Santa apparently knew because I got this rose gold terrarium. Most of the time I am more about silver but I’ve put this in my room and I think the rose gold actually looks good. On the photo below you can also see that I finally got the ‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are’ book. This was another inspirational book on my wish list so Santa did good.

The last couple of little things I got for Christmas are a rocket tea infuser. This is perfect because I love to drink tea and it looks cute. I also got a new pair of fuzzy socks with bears on them. You can never have enough fuzzy socks right? And last but definitely not least, I got something for my family and I. We all really enjoy listening to Adele’s music so I thought I would be kind and get her new album ’25’ for everyone (Million Years Ago is definitely my favorite song of the album). Thanks to Santa, my family and friends for the amazing gifts. I am very grateful for everything I got. How did you spent your holidays? Did you do a gift exchange with family and friends?




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71 responses to “Be Merry, Grateful And Bright | Birthday & Christmas Gifts

  1. Happy Birthday!Your presents look amazing especially the Be Parisian Wherever You Are.
    What camera do you use to take your pictures they are amazing?

  2. Ah wauw, supertoffe cadeau’s! Zo’n lightbox is echt tof, vooral met naast letters ook zo’n zuurstok, ster en cadeautje! En al die mokken, zo leuk! (hihi, een mens heeft nooit genoeg mokken toch?)

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