Wandering Around My Favorite Part Of Amsterdam | A Day In The Nine Streets

As you might have guessed from the title of this post, the Nine Streets are definitely my favorite part of Amsterdam. I’ve been there once or twice before but the first time I walked through these streets, I kind of felt at home. I have the same thing with Chelsea and SoHo in New York. Do you recognize this feeling? Anyways, the Nine Streets have so many hotspots in them to discover. Since this is one of my favorite things to do, I wanted to write something about it on here. In December I spent a day in Amsterdam with Eline and three of my favorite hotspots, which we visited in the Nine Street, I will be sharing with you in this blog post!

The Darling | Runstraat 4

This store has been on my list to visit for a long time. When we were walking through the Nine Streets to find something to eat, I saw The Darling! The food could wait for us a little longer so we went in. I had seen photos of The Darling on Instagram and other blogs but I had never been there. It’s a pretty small store with interior things and clothes. Downstairs were a couple of branches with clothes hanging from them. In the middle was this table with mugs, cups, blankets, scented candles and more. Upstairs was a branch with sale items (I saw a shirt I liked but I didn’t buy it), an inspirational wall and some decoration items (like the old Singer sewing machine). Definitely worth a visit when you’re in Amsterdam.

Van Harte | Hartenstraat 24

Since we got pretty hungry from all the wandering around, we wanted to sit down somewhere and have lunch. When I went to The Nine Streets for the first time, I had lunch at Van Harte (btw my Dutchies may recognize Van Harte from a movie) and I actually wanted to have lunch there again. It’s a small restaurant with a lovely menu. Of course I got a cup of fresh mint tea (my favorite drink at the moment) and the same food as last time (if you look through my Instagram feed, you might know what it is). Van Harte is a really cozy restaurant and I think it’s the perfect spot to have lunch, a drink or dinner in The Nine Streets.

De Weldaad | Reestraat 1

Last time I was in Amsterdam, I also visited the Nine Streets. That’s when I discovered some stores that I would like to visit again. One of those was de Weldaad. I wanted to show Eline this store since she’s really into interior stuff, just like me.

At de Weldaad they have the cutest interior stuff. Things like candle holders, lights and mirrors are some of the things they have there. Last time I got myself an industrial looking initial (the N of course) but this time I was only looking for things I could get for my family members. Unfortunately I didn’t find anything I was looking for but I did see some canal houses candle holders (maybe I’ll get these next time).

OU. Boutique | Reestraat 16

Most of the time I recognize a store from Instagram or other blogs but I had never heard of or seen OU. Boutique before. Since I loved the look of this store and I didn’t know it, Eline and I went in. From the outside it looks really small but it’s actually pretty decent sized. When you walk in, you can go downstairs (where they have kid clothes) and upstairs. Here they have a table in the middle with lots of different accessoires and bits and bobs. And yes, of course they have clothing items. I saw a really beautiful cozy sweater (which I didn’t buy) and fell in love with these beautiful glitter shoes (you can see them in the photos below).

These were a couple of my favorite stores (and restaurant) that we found while wandering around and wanted to share with you. I think I should definitely make another one of these with some other stores and a place to have some food. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions because my list of stores and places to visit and go to has to keep growing (don’t you think?). Which of these hotspots would you like to visit? Have you ever been to the Nine Streets?




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78 responses to “Wandering Around My Favorite Part Of Amsterdam | A Day In The Nine Streets

  1. Wat een mooie foto’s! De filter/manier waarop jij fotografeert staat me heel erg aan :) :En ja de negen straatjes zijn echt heerlijk om doorheen te lopen.

  2. Ah, Amsterdam. I haven’t been there for a while now. But now I’ve got an impression of the nine streets! Would you like to join my Fashion linkup party?

  3. Zo geweldig, een dagje shoppen in Amsterdam! Super leuke foto’s en geen wonder dat dit je favoriete gedeelte is :D

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