Getting Cozy In This Cold Weather | Winter Inspired DIY

What time is it? Do it yourself time! I’ve been on Pinterest a lot lately and have seen so many DIY’s I want to try. Unfortunately I don’t have all the time in the world so when I do have the time, I try to make another DIY. In winter I just want to be comfortable and cozy all day, that’s why there have to be cozy decorative cushions in my bed. This will make my bed look cute but they also make the bed feel even more cozy and warm. I will show you how I made all of my own winter inspired decorative cushions!

For this DIY you’ll need: different kind of fabrics, thread, a needle, scissors and inner cushions (40×65 cm, 50×50 cm). Using a sewing machine is optional. I am very fortunate because my mom has a sewing machine and used to make clothes for a living. That’s why Eline en I got help from my mom to make these cushions.

The first thing you have to do is go somewhere to get different kind of fabrics to make your cushions. My mom, Eline and I went to a market in Leiden to get ours. They organize this market every once in a while where different kind of stands sell fabrics and other sewing stuff. We wandered around this market for a bit and scored a fluffy, world map patterned, light grey, dark grey and light brown colored fabric. Depending on the fabric, we got one meter from every one of them (this will make about two cushions). With that we also got these two decorative strings in dark and light grey with little balls on it.

Now you have to measure your fabric to the inner cushion of your choice. The easiest way to do this is to lay your fabric on the floor, put your cushion on top of it so you know how big of a piece from the fabric you need to have. Do leave a bit more space from the sides because you have to sew it together.

When you’ve cut the size of your cushion, put the fabric inside out. That’s when you can sew the sides together. We used a sewing machine to do this but you can also do this by hand with a very easy stitch. For example the running stitch, which is the most easy and quick stitch ever. Remember you have to leave one side open to put your cushion in. When you’ve finished stitching three sides, put the fabric inside out again so the side with the pattern is facing out. Also don’t forget to push the corners out a bit with a closed pair of scissors.

Now you can put your cushion in to see if it’s the right size. If it is, decide if you want to put a zipper in or sewing it closed. Putting in a zipper is way more difficult, that’s why we decided to close the cushion cover completely since I am not going to put another cover on it any time soon (the inner cushions are very inexpensive so I could get a new one if I wanted to). We hand sewed the cushion closed. First pin the open part closed and get a needle and thread (in the color of your cushion). Make a knot at the end of your thread and start sewing it closed with an invisible stitch (you can see here how to do this stitch).

In our case we still wanted to add the decorative string to the light brown and dark grey cushions. We actually wanted to put the string all around the cushion but it was too short. So we just put a part of the string along the bottom half of the cushion. To add them to your cushion you can use the sewing machine (like we did) or just sew them on by hand. At first I didn’t know if I would like it but it turned out really cute! Btw you could also add some vintage buttons to the cushion, like Eline did.

One thing you have to keep in mind, some fabrics are really hard to work with. The fluffy fabric is very cute but so hard to work with. You can’t really see what you’re doing because of all the fluff. With fabrics like that you definitely have to use a sewing machine. The good thing is, when you mess up, you can’t even tell because of the fluff. So it has its pros and cons haha.

And voilà, my cushions are finished! When you’re finished making your cushions, you can display them nicely on your bed, couch or a chair. This winter my bed will look extra cozy with my light brown, light grey, dark grey, world map patterned and fluffy cushions. The fluffy cushion is definitely my favorite cushion because it’s so soft (it’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die haha). Which cushion is your favorite? Are you going to try this DIY?




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