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Yay, I thought it was time for another Loves Lately blog post. This is actually the first one of 2016, how exciting! Like I say every single time, I’ve developed so many new loves. In December I had two weeks off from school and in January I had exams but I also had lots of time off. That’s why I tried to do as many things as I could and that’s how all of these things became my ‘loves’!

While we were in New York we went to the same spot to get breakfast every single day. I always got the same thing: yoghurt with granola, fruit and a cinnamon roll. Before New York I had never had one and since New York, I’ve been loving them. So when a couple of months ago I saw these super easy cinnamon rolls on Jennie’s blog, which I really wanted to try. One night I felt like making them and let me tell you, they are absolutely delicious! If you want to know how to make them, check my Sunday Brunch blog post.

During my Christmas break, my mom and I went to Ikea. For some reason I really like walking through Ikea and I always buy something I don’t need (recognize this?). But this time we had a goal. I’ve been wanting to change something about my bedroom for a while now and this was the perfect time to get the things I wanted. I got two new book cabinets, photo frames and a fuzzy rug. It doesn’t seem like much but the book cabinets changed the look of my whole bedroom. You’ll hear more about it in my next blog post, which will be about everything I changed in my bedroom.

After summer I’ve been thinking about changing my hair. My hair was so long and it didn’t look healthy anymore. I went on Pinterest and Weheartit to look for some hair inspiration. I saw so many hairstyles that were a bit shorter and I really liked that. So I immediately made a hair appointment, explained what I wanted and got my hair cut. It’s so much shorter now but I’ve been really loving it.

In between my internship and work, of course I make time to watch series. When I’m bored I scroll through Netflix to see what they have to offer. That’s when I found Jessica Jones. At first you might think “What am I watching?” but you will keep watching. Another one (which is not on Netflix btw) I found is Ladies of London. I think I watched all the episodes in less than a month haha. If you love The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or other series like that), you will definitely like this one as well.

In this ‘Loves Lately’ blog post I wanted to include something new, a webshop. I didn’t think I could love the products from a webshop so much that I would include them in a favorites blog post. But it happened. The webshop I am talking about is Birambi. Their products are so delicate and unique, that’s why I love Birambi. I’ve been eying their products for a long time and I thought I should just buy something because it’s a nice thing to give as a present. I bought Hot Chocolate (a couple of times because you can never have enough) and Tea Time. When you’re looking for a cute, unique and affordable gift, you should definitely check Birambi!

Mid-January I started at my new internship. Before that time I wanted to do lots of fun things with my friends. Since Elba and I don’t see each other that often, we went to lunch together in Leiden. We’ve both been to lots of places in Leiden but never to Lot & de Walvis. So we decided to go there to catch up and have lunch. The food was great and I think this is a true hotspot. You’ll read more about what we ate and what it looks like in an upcoming blog post…

Of course I had to include some of the blogs I’ve been loving since my last Loves Lately. First I wanted to mention Kate’s blog. I’ve loved her Instagram for awhile but didn’t know she had a blog as well. Her blog is just as beautiful as her Instagram photos. I also discovered Millie’s blog. She has a minimalistic style (which I am loving at the moment) and I think more people should know about her blog. And that’s already the end of this Loves Lately post! Which of my ‘loves’ is your favorite? Would you like to see Loves Lately posts more often?




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73 responses to “There’s Nothing Not To Love About It | Loves Lately

  1. Haha looks like I’m gonna be the third one to comment on those cinnamon rolls! But actually though, they look amazing *insert heart eye emoji.* I am doing everything in my ability not to drool right now

  2. leuk artikel om zo op mijn maandag ochtend even te lezen.
    Ik ben gelijk even op de webshop waar je het over had gaan kijken, hij is super leuk! Die cactus mini poster.. die wil ik wel hebben haha.

    liefs joelle

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