The Essentials That Got Me Through Winter | Essentials: Winter

Winter in The Netherlands sucks. It’s all over the place. One day it’s cold but the sun is shining (which is great) and the next day it’s raining. It makes me miss summer even more. Luckily I’ve booked some exciting trips for the summer but for now, I have to survive this weather. In this blog post I will show you some of the items that got me through the biggest part of winter ❄️ Let’s get started!


Bonsoir NYC Sweater: Penn & Ink € 79,95

You can not survive winter without a cozy but also comfortable sweater! If it’s cold, I just want to get warm and be cozy. When I was in New York, I bought a very cozy sweater from A&F (yes, I did buy a sweater in summer because that’s when they are very cheap). But for my birthday I got another sweater! It’s kind of mint colored (which I love since it’s not all black for a change) and it’s very soft on the inside. Most of the time when I get home from a long day at my internship or if I’m having a lazy day on the weekend, I grab this sweater and put it on.


Checked Blouse: H&M € 19,95 | Suede Jacket: ONLY € 39,95

Somehow I’ve been really into wearing blouses the past couple of weeks. I own a couple of different ones, which I can all wear in different styles. One of those is this checked blouse. The funny thing is, a couple of years ago I disliked checked blouses so much and now I am loving this one haha. Since it’s black and white, it’s very easy to pair with other items (which, as you might know, is very important for me and that’s why I wear black and white all the time).

I’ve always been crazy about black leather jackets. During spring and fall I wear them as a coat and during winter as a blazer (if you know what I mean). But since I wear black colored clothing items so much, I wanted a different colored leather jacket. I had been looking for a long time but never found one. When I scrolling through some different webshops (as you do), I stumbled upon this suede jacket. I loved the look of it and since it wasn’t expensive as well, it ended up in my closet (oops).


Grey Jeans: Noisy May € 34,95

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is always very difficult. But when you do find the right pair, you will wear them almost everyday. I haven’t had that feeling in a while because I just couldn’t find the right pair. When it begin to get colder, I really wanted a new pair of jeans. And of course, when I stopped looking, I found a pair that fit just right! Maybe they are grey again (just like all of the other clothing items in my closet) but they are very comfortable and since they’re grey, they go with everything!


Brown Boots: Shabbies Amsterdam € 140,00 (SALE SCORE!)

The last one of these items are my new brown boots! I’ve had a pair of Uggs for a really long time because they are so cozy and warm but they got really ugly. So I was looking for a pair of warm boots and when I saw these online, I was sold. I already own two pairs of Shabbies Amsterdam boots and they are really comfortable. Since I got these boots, I’ve been wearing them lots because they keep my feet warm and look cute at the same time (which is always a good thing).

Well, these are already the five things that got me through winter! I am so excited for the weather to get warmer and for it stop raining. I think I might be kind of done with that kind of weather. If the weather gets better, he next outfit post will definitely be a ‘normal’ one and the first official one of the year. For now, what do you think about these items? What the main item that got your through winter?




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77 responses to “The Essentials That Got Me Through Winter | Essentials: Winter

  1. Ik vind het hele mooie items, vooral die laarsjes! Ik verlang ook echt naar de zomer, gaaf dat je lekker op vakantie gaat!

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