Simplicity Is The Keynote Of All True Elegance | Outfit

Wow, it’s been awhile since I last posted something about an outfit on here. For the past couple of weeks I got really excited to shoot a new (very simple and casual) outfit of the day post but the weather in The Netherlands has been pretty bad lately. But at the end of February we finally got some days that weren’t that cold and with lots of sunshine. Those are the best days to take outfit photos so my personal photographer (hey Lotte, I know you’re reading this) and I decided to take advantage of this nice weather, cycle to Leiden and take some blog photos… Are you ready? ☀️


White Blouse: Bershka € 24,99 | Grey Jeans: Noisy May € 34,95

Since I’ve been doing my full time internship the past two months, I don’t have any time to go shopping or spend money in general. This is a good thing since I booked two trips for this summer but I thought I should start looking for some things I can wear now and also when I am on holiday. The first thing I really wanted to have is a lightweight blouse so when I found one online (yes, online shopping is tha bomb), of course I had to get it. I especially liked this one because of the black embroidered detailing at the top.

The next thing I am wearing are my new favorite pair of jeans! Yes, I know, I already own a pair of grey jeans so why would I get another pair? Well, I wore the other ones so much that I really needed a new pair (read: holes in the jeans and it stretched out a lot). These fit very nicely, which is the most important thing when buying a new pair of jeans (at least for me).

Brown Lammy Jacket: MANGO € 39,99 (SALE SCORE)

This is an item I am very excited about… Last year I got a pink jacket (which you can see in this blog post) for such a good price and I wore it lots. Unfortunately I wore it so much that there are now a couple of holes in them… Because I don’t want to walk around with a rachet jacket, I was looking for a new one. I had seen many lammy jackets but they were all so expensive. When my friends and I were walking through The Hague, we passed the Mango store. It’s not a store I usely shop at but since there was a sale going on and I had a gift card from there, we went in. After walking around for a little bit I spotted this brown lammy jacket! I tried it on, loved it and when I went to the check out, I only had to pay 15 euros (because of my gift card). Hello good deal!

Brown Boots: Shabbies Amsterdam € 140,00 | Fluffy Keyring: Unkwown | Leather Keyring: Amsterdam Cowboys (a gift)

I am the type of person that always has cold feet and hands for some reason. At the beginning of the year, winter really started. It started to get so cold and some days it would even snow a little bit. I’ve always had a pair of Uggs but those are not really flattering or cute looking so these Shabbies Amsterdam boots are a perfect replacement.

Welcome to the most random part of this outfit haha. The day before we would shoot this outfit, I found a fluffy keyring. I got two of them with a scarf but when they kept falling off, I put them away. Lately I’ve been seeing lots of these fluffy keyrings all over the internet and I almost bought one but then I thought off the fact I already had one. I put it on my keys and love how it looks. With that fluffy keyring I also have this leather keyring, which is so handy when I lose my keys in my bag. Now I can just pull out my keys by this leather thing.


Erika Sunglasses: Ray-Ban € 106,00 | White Watch: Fossil (a gift) | Tassel Bracelet: Beads by Lotte € 3,50 | Dot Earrings: MyTreasureHunts € 14,95 | Elephant Earring: Unknown

Besides the random accessoires, I am also wearing my beloved Erika sunglasses from Ray-Ban and a couple of jewelry pieces. The first jewelry piece is my white watch, which I definitely should wear more often and with that I paired a bracelet with a tassel on it (which looks nice in combination with the blouse).

Not everyone knows this but I actually have two earring holes in both of my ears. I got this done a couple of years ago but never wore any exciting earrings. When I was in The Hague I got these dot earrings for the second earring hole. And when I looking through all of my different earrings, I found these elephant earrings. I love how they look in combination with the dot earrings and I think I should get some different kind of earrings to switch it up (maybe even write a blog post about it?).

That’s already everything I am wearing. I love the location of these outfit photos. Lotte and I went to the Herengracht in Leiden, which always looks beautiful but especially when the sun is shining. You can see all the beautiful canal houses and look over the water from the bridge above. It’s almost in the same spot as where we shot this outfit postAnyways, what is your favorite item of this outfit? Do you think we should take more photos here?




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53 responses to “Simplicity Is The Keynote Of All True Elegance | Outfit

  1. First of all, I envy you so much! Netherlands is so pretty, and so are you :) That outfit is perfect! I always say that a simple outfit with good accesories is much more elegant that a lot of clothes. Also, I’m curious, where are you going for your trip?
    Love the post!

  2. beautiful look! your top is so pretty :D amazing architecture in the background too ;)
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

  3. Leuke post weer:D! Ik vind vooral je fluffy balletje zo cute hihi! Ik wil ook nog steeds zoiets kopen voor aan een tasje! En je blousje van de Berschka is ook echt schattig! leukleukleuk allemaal<3 xxx

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