Baking, Pastel Colors & Eggs | Easter Inspired Cupcakes

Confession time: I have to say, I am always looking for an excuse to bake some cookies or cupcakes. The last time I baked something was just before Christmas (if you want to see them, click here) so I thought it was definitely time to bake something again. My excuse for this baking post is Easter! I didn’t realize but it’s already almost Easter, which means I am almost three months into my internship. That’s kind of besides the point so here’s my Easter inspired cupcakes! 🐣


Since I wanted to bake basic cupcakes this time, I used a recipe from here. These are all the ingredients you will need for the cupcakes: 125 grams of butter, 125 grams of crystal sugar, 125 grams of self rising flour, two eggs, two tablespoons of milk, cupcake cases (I used these cute blue and pink pastel colored ones from Søstrene Grene) and a cupcake tin. Since I also wanted to decorate the cupcakes, this is what you will need for the decorating part: frosting (since I am lazy, I just bought already made frosting), fondant (I used three different colors: white, green, yellow and red) and cookie cutters.


Let’s start with the first part of this recipe. Firstly pre heat your oven at 180 °C and start mixing the sugar and butter together. I just use a fork to make everything (so handy, I know haha) but a mixer is way quicker, especially with the sugar and butter. When these two are mixed together, you can add the two eggs (make sure you don’t accidentally add the shell). Then add the self rising flour and lastly add the milk. When everything is mixed together it should look like really smooth.

If your mixture is finished, you should start lining the cupcake cases in your tin. Because these are Easter inspired cupcakes I used these pastel colored cases (how cute are they?). After that you can start putting the mixture into the cases. Fill the cases for about 2/3 with the mixture. This recipe will make about 12 cupcakes but that depends on how much mixture you put in the cases. Then put them in the oven for about 15 minutes (check them after a couple of minutes because this number can differ per oven).


While your cupcakes are in the oven, you have time to make your decorations. The first thing I did was trying to make pastel colors from the different colors fondant. I mixed the white with all the different colors until I got the color I wanted. I ended up with a pastel pink (which had this marble look as you can see in the photo below), yellow and green. I also made a type of orange and a brighter red color.

With this fondant I wanted to recreate this photo I found on Pinterest (yes, I am kind of obsessed but that’s okay). But I also wanted to use some cookies cutters that fit the Easter/spring theme of these cupcakes. I used a butterfly, flower and a little chick. The little eggs from the Pinterest photo are (of course) very easy to make. You take a piece of fondant and start rolling it to the size you want. I made mine pretty small because the cupcakes are not too big as well.


To stick the decorations on top of the cupcakes, I used this frosting. Like I already said before, I am too lazy to make my own frosting (some day I will haha) so I just got a package of frosting at the store. You can just squeeze the frosting out of the package. I didn’t do anything spectacular with the frosting. When I put on one of the fondant cut outs, I tried to make the frosting very even and pretty. When I want to put the little eggs on top of it, I squeezed some frosting on the cupcake and made it look a little messy. When I did this to all of the cupcakes, my Easter inspired cupcakes were done!

VSCO-cam-15VSCO-cam-13   VSCO-cam-16

I think these cupcakes turned out so cute! Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration and my creative baking mind. 🍰 The ones with the little eggs are definitely my favorite. When I am typing this, I actually would like to have another one but all of them were already gone after one day… Maybe I will try to do a new (and maybe even a bit more difficult) recipe very soon! Let me know what kind of cupcake recipe you would like to see on here. Which one is your favorite? Are you going to try to bake these?




67 responses to “Baking, Pastel Colors & Eggs | Easter Inspired Cupcakes

  1. hmm! wat ziet dat er heerlijk uit zeg.
    en het maakt niet uit hoor, ik vind ook altijd
    wel een goed excuus om iets lekkers te maken of te eten haha!

    liefs joelle,

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