An Easy And Trendy Thing To Make Yourself | Patches Shirt DIY

Whenever I enter a store, I see bomber jackets, shirts, sweaters and jeans covered in patches. This trend reminds me of when I was young. If there was a hole in my jeans, my mom would cover it with a patch. Anyways, since these shirts and sweaters are mostly pretty expensive, I thought I should try to create my own shirt with different patches. Since it was pretty hard to find patches I liked, I kind of put this DIY on hold. But when I discovered Etsy, I finally got the chance to finish this DIY and share it with you! ✂️


These are the things you’ll need for this DIY: different kind of patches of your choice, clothing items you want to put the patches on (shirt, sweater or jean jacket for example), an iron or a sewing machine (colored thread that match the patches).

As you just read from the first part of this post, I found it very hard to find patches that I liked and that were sold for a ‘normal’ price. I started searching the internet and that’s when I ended up on Etsy. Of course I had heard about this website but I had never bought anything from there. After looking through some very nice shops (that made me want to shop so bad but I didn’t), I found PatchNation. They sell lots of different patches. That’s where I bought the lips, chocolate chip cookie, ghost, star and ice scream ones (which you can also see in the photos above). Besides these ones, I also wanted a Comme Des Garçons heart patch to put on a shirt. There were lots of different sellers but I got mine from here.


The first thing you want to decide is which patch(es) you want to place on your shirt or sweater. As you can see, I got a grey, white and striped shirt. With that I also bought a black sweater to put one of the patches on. When I bought these I already had somewhat of an idea where I wanted to place or how I wanted to place the patches on the shirts. But you can always play around a little and try different spots to see which one you like the best.

I decided to place the Comme Des Garcons patches on two of the items I bought. One on the black sweater and one on the striped shirt. Since I didn’t want to place them in the same spot, I put one on the striped shirt at the bottom and one above at the left of the sweater. For the other patches it was definitely a lot more difficult. In the end I put the ice screams together and the lips, cookie and ghost together.


When I decided on where I wanted to place all of the other ones, I pinned them to the shirt or sweater (like you can see in the photos above). I chose to sew my patches on the shirts. This way they will stay on forever. If you don’t have a mom with a sewing machine, ironing on the patches is the best idea. It’s easy and you’ll be finished in a couple of seconds. Do keep in mind the patches may let loose after you’ve washed them a couple of times. If you do want to sew them on but you don’t have a sewing machine? Just use the simplest stitch, which I talk about in this blog post.


And above you can see how all of my creations turned out! Since I tried this DIY, I’ve definitely worn these shirts a couple of times and even got some complements on them (which I wasn’t expecting but that’s always nice). I actually also want to try this DIY with a vintage jean jacket and maybe even a pair of shorts for summer! What do you think of this trend? Are you going to try this DIY?  💋




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86 responses to “An Easy And Trendy Thing To Make Yourself | Patches Shirt DIY

  1. I actually LOVE this, it’s such a cute way to personalise plain t-shirts. I also have a denim jacket (which was my mums) that this would suite perfectly! Thanks for sharing.
    – Cydney x

  2. Wat een leuk artikel en die patches zijn superleuk! Ga gelijk even een kijkje nemen in die Etsy shop. Thanks for sharing :).

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