But First, Shopping And Then Get A Coffee | A Day In The Hague

As you might know, I go to school in The Hague. That’s why I spend most of my time in The Hague. If I had a long break in between different classes, my friends and I would go to the centre of The Hague to shop or have some lunch. I already shared one hotspot in The Hague, which I really love. But I also want to do a ‘A day in…’ post for it because I’ve visited so many cute stores, which I want to share with all of you. So here you go!

Wauw | Piet Heinstraat 57

For the past (almost) two years I’ve kept a list of hotspots I would like to visit. When I see a hotspot post on someone’s blog and I like it, I note it down on my list of hotspots to visit. Even though you can find me in The Hague most of the time, I didn’t really know any hotspots that aren’t within the route I walk every single time. Maybe I should start wandering around different cities more.

Anyways, the first store Eline and I went to is Wauw. This is a vintage kind of store with different interior pieces. The thing I really liked about this store is the fact that they have lots little random things in there. From photo frames to notebooks and from jewelry pieces to wall decoration. I am so sad I don’t have any more room in my bedroom to put all of these things but if I did, I definitely would.

Sissy-Boy | Venestraat 11

In my A Day In Utrecht blog post I also said you should visit Sissy-Boy. Well, in The Hague there’s also a Sissy-Boy store (and since I love everything they sell, you should actually visit it in every single city). Eline and I are obsessed with this store because they have almost everything. Clothing items, decorative cushions, interior pieces, bathroom stuff and so much more. When I enter the store, I almost always find something I want to buy (oops). Btw, you can also visit Sissy-Boy Daily if you’re in need of some food while shopping.

Collectiv. | Prinsestraat 5A

The next store we visited is called Collectiv. Conceptstore. I had seen some photos of this store on Instagram and on a couple of blogs. When Eline and I finally had time to spend a day in The Hague, this one was definitely on my list to visit. Collectiv. is a collective store where twenty different entrepreneurs get the chance to sell their products. An example of the things they sell are rugs, jewelry pieces, photo frames, clothing items and even more.

Of course I bought something here and it may have something to do with my obsession… When we were walking around Collectiv. my eye caught this drawer filled with little cacti. After looking at them for a little while, somebody came up to us and told us they had even more little cacti on the other side of the store. That’s where some of them also had little sombreros on (how cute!). To stay in the cacti spirit, I didn’t buy this but I did really like these cacti made from iron from this online concept store called Bluft. Maybe I am going a little crazy with all of the cacti things so yeah haha.

Collectiv. also has a little coffee corner in between all the items they sell. As you can see from the photo below they have a ‘Coffee & Sweets’ place where they sell drinks and also treats from Sprinkles Bakery. I am very sad Eline and I didn’t sit down there but we definitely will because it’s the perfect place to spend a day blogging in a very inspirational environment (which is definitely a plus when I am writing stuff for the blog).

Hometown Coffee & More | Buitenhof 4

It’s always very important to have a bit of a break in between visiting hotspots so that’s what Eline and I did. I’ve walked by Hometown Coffee & More a couple of times but never went there. So when I knew Eline and I would go to The Hague, I thought having a shopping break there would be perfect. We both got a fresh mint tea (as always) and Eline got a paprika soup and I got a lemon pie (which was absolutely tasty). Besides good food, it’s also a very nice place to sit down and relax. The interior is very industrial and vintage looking (which is always a plus, right?).

Søstrene Grene | Spuistraat 46

A couple of months ago a Søstrene Grene opened in The Hague. I had never heard of this store before but after I visited it once, I have to go there every single time I am in The Hague. You will understand after reading all of this and you will want to visit it as well (let me tell you).

Søstrene Grene is a Danish store. I think most people will agree with me on this: Scandinavian interior design is the best. At Søstrene Grene you can find stuff for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and more. When I am walking through it, I can already imagine how everything would look in my future home. The best thing about this store is the fact that everything is very inexpensive! Get yourself ready to run to the store and buy everything haha.

That was already our day in The Hague explained in a blog post. I know there were a lot of photos in this post but I just couldn’t leave any of them out. Eline and I are already making a list filled with hotspots and food places to visit while we are in London this summer. If you have any recommendations, let me know because I would love to make a post like this for London. Have you ever been to The Hague? Which of these stores would you like to visit?




53 responses to “But First, Shopping And Then Get A Coffee | A Day In The Hague

  1. Ik kom eigenlijk nooit in Den Haag, maar zo te zien hebben ze genoeg leuks te bezoeken! Heel leuk dat je ook naar Londen gaat, ben benieuwd wat je daar weer allemaal gaat zien :)

  2. Wat een toffe post weer #asusual! The sissy boy is echt zo’n winkeltje dat ik dan vergeet ofzo, terwijl ze zulke leuke spullen hebben. Ik moet er snel weer eens heen, al is het alleen al vanwege al die toffe cactusjes! Thanks for sharing:) Fijn weekend babe<3

  3. I love the idea of keeping a list with hotspots everytime somebody writes about it! The pictures are really beautiful too! :D

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