Different Shades Of White And Blue | Outfit

Spring has kind of approached here in The Netherlands. I have to say “kind of” because the weather has been lovely for the past couple of weeks but it keeps changing. When the sun was shining the whole entire week, Lotte and I decided to take some outfit photos on the weekend. And yes, of course it started raining just before we wanted to take the photos. Lucky for us we found a spot in Leiden where we both would stay dry while it was raining. Enough about the crazy weather here and more about the outfit I am wearing!

Dark Blue Coatigan: Cotton Club € 69,95 | Grey/Light Blue Pants: ICHI € 49,00

In my Loves Lately blog post I already talked about this dark blue coatigan. When I first saw this was called a coatigan, I was like: A what? Of course I know a coat or a cardigan but not a coatigan. Well, I wear this as a coat right now because it is perfect for this time of year.

The title of this post already says it, this outfit contains lots of different white and blue tones. One of the blue tones was the dark blue coatigan and the second one is this pair of grey/light blue colored pants. Most of the time I wear dark grey or black jeans but I wanted to wear something different. When I saw this pair of jeans, I fell in love with the color. It looks great in combination with pastel colors and white clothing items.

White Shirt: Object (via Smit Mode) € 34,95 | Light Blue Scarf: Cartoon (via Smit Mode) € 19,99

If there’s one thing I think everyone should have in their closet, it would be a white shirt or blouse. These type of clothing items are so easy to pair with a pair of pants like this one. The shirt I am wearing is kind of a beige/white color and has 3/4 length sleeves. You are able to wear this for a casual day out with your friends or a bit classier if you’re wearing it to work.

With this outfit I paired this light blue scarf. Ligthweight scarfs like this one are a must in spring and summer. You never know when you might need a scarf because it could always get colder in the afternoon or at night. Oh, and if you look closely, you can see little sparkles on the scarf (it’s all in the details).

White Sneakers: Adidas € 64,95

On to the shoes! Like I’ve already talked about, every year I end up buying a new pair of white sneakers. Last year I bought a pair of Blackstone shoes and this year I went for these Adidas sneakers. The thing I really like about these sneakers is the fact they’re made out of this canvas material, which is perfect for summer. Besides that, they are very comfortable (which is the most important thing of course).

Bracelets: Beads by Lotte € 3,00

Lastly, a little detail, which completes this outfit. I am wearing a couple of grey toned bracelets. I love how these ones look with the other tones of white and blue in this outfit. As you might know I will never leave the house without my everyday jewelry pieces and a couple of small bracelets like these ones.

That’s already the end of this outfit post! I am absolutely in love with how the photos turned out and the outfit in general (of course). My favorite item from this outfit is definitely the coatigan because it’s so comfortable and great for this type of weather. Do you like this outfit? What is your favorite item of this outfit post?



This was posted in collaboration with Smit Mode


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