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In February I posted a blog post with the essentials that got me through winter. I got lots of comments on that post so since Summer is approaching, I thought I should share one about my essentials for Summer! In the past couple of months I started looking for the perfect items to take with me on holiday (Athens & London!). I bought some new things but I also found some things in the back of my closet, which are some definite essentials for this Summer ☀️

Minimalistic Ring: Fleur Caroline € 19,95 | Coin Necklace: Happiness Boutique € 19,90

Most of the time I end my blog posts with mentioning jewelry but this time I thought I would start with it in this post. Finding a statement necklace you like is more difficult than you would think. I think I’ve searched for one for about two years and yes, I finally found one. On this one online store called Happiness Boutique I found this necklace and I love how it looks. It’s not that big of a necklace but it does make a statement. The coins give this necklace a bohemian look, which is perfect for Summer or to wear to festivals. Oh, you should definitely scroll down to the end because I have a little surprise for you… 

Striped Dress: Stradivarius € 15,96

I’ve never been the type to wear dresses. Of course I did wear them lots as a little girl but after that I only ever wore jeans. Maybe just because I don’t feel comfortable wearing a girly dress to class. Anyways, when I was scrolling through some websites, I actually saw some dresses I liked. One of those is this striped blouse dress. Everyone should at least have one striped dress in their Summer wardrobe because stripes are always a good idea, am I right?

As you might know, I am not the kind of girl that wears bright colors of prints on the daily bases. I always tent to go for white, black or striped clothing items. But in Summer I don’t feel like wearing black all the time so that’s why I invested in some colored and printed items! Last year I already got a printed top (which I wore in Barcelona). But when I saw this red top, I fell in love with it. Weird right? Well, I am going to wear this tons when I am  in Athens because it will fit the weather (it will be about 30 ºC!) perfectly.

Red Top: Bershka € 17,99 | Beige Shoes: Toms € 49,95

In one of my first blog posts I talked about some crochet shoes I got. Over the past two years I’ve worn them so much that they were ready to be replaced. When the nice weather came around, I wanted to wear them again as soon as possible but I forgot that I actually needed a new pair. So that’s when I decided to invest in a pair of Toms. These are the same type of shoes I had been loving and Toms are also very comfortable (you do have to walk them in very well otherwise your feet will die the first time you wear them). I ended up going with the beige ones that have a little shine to them (which is a lovely detail). Btw, did you know that when you buy a pair of Toms they also give a pair to a child in need? Definitely a great reason to invest in a pair yourself.

Erika Sunglasses: Ray-Ban € 109,95

The last item is definitely something everyone needs to have in their bag all the time for Summer. When I was in New York and Washington D.C. last year I discovered I really needed better sunglasses. I had been using the cheap H&M sunglasses for years but since last year the sun really started to annoy me. So when I got these Ray-Ban sunglasses a whole new world opened up for me. I can’t leave the house without them and yes, they look good on anyone’s face shape so if you’re looking for a pair… 😎

Yeah, you made it to the end so I have a little surprise for you! At the beginning of this post I talked about my new statement necklace from Happiness Boutique. Well, if you liked that one, you can order your own with a discount code! For every order above € 19,00 you get 10% off with the code ‘thoughtsinstyle’. It’s valid until June 27 so use the discount while you can! What is the piece you can’t go without in Summer? Which of these do you like best?



This was posted in collaboration with Happiness Boutique


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73 responses to “I Can’t Go Without These Pieces In My Summer Wardrobe | Essentials: Summer

  1. Ahh Neeltje wat een geweldige blog! Ik liep er zojuist pas bij uit.. Ik ga je direct volgen op Instagram én Bloglovin! :)

  2. Love your statement necklace! And I’ve never tried TOMS but I feel like I need to grab a pair because it sounds like after you break them in, they’re totally comfy (and versatile with styling which I like). Have so much fun on your vacation!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

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