Life Is Better At The Beach | Branding Beach Club, Noordwijk

The title of this post says it all. The weather has been up and down in The Netherlands but I really felt like spending a day at the beach. So of course Eline was keen to go and that’s what we did! Our go-to beach is in Noordwijk. If you have never been, you should go (right now haha). There are lots of different beach clubs to choose from. We ended up going to Branding Beach Club. It’s kind of a hidden hotspot at the beach and that’s why I wanted to share it with you on here! 🐚

Branding Beach Club | Kon. Astrid Boulevard 105, Noordwijk

In Noordwijk you have two different boulevards. Both of them have lots of different restaurants to sit down. The first one is always very busy. It’s because there are not only restaurants located near the beach but also at the boulevard. With that there’s also a street with stores to shop so I think that’s why the first boulevard is always very busy. Eline and I hate when it’s very busy somewhere so that’s why we decided to go to the other boulevard.

First things first, we got to park for free (always a plus) and I searched for a beach club to go and ended up choosing Branding Beach Club. It’s always been on my list to visit but since it’s not always ‘beach weather’ in The Netherlands, I never really think about going to a beach club. But yes, we went anyway and the weather ended up being very great!

Of course we first ordered a iced tea green (our favorite summer drink) and had a look at the menu. What I didn’t know was that you can also have breakfast here (maybe I should do that some time). Anyways, we went here for lunch and we both wanted to get something else than what we would normally get when we go out for lunch. In the photo above you can see what we got. Yes, we both ended up getting the Captain’s Club. This is a kind of club sandwich but this had shrimp, smoked salmon and crab salad on it instead of bacon and all of that stuff. Let me tell you, this was so good! When I see these photos, I instantly get hungry again. 🍴

Besides enjoying the good food, we also got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The vibe of Branding Beach Club is of course beachy (duh!) but also very bohemian. I am a big fan of the ‘light wood in combination with white’ look and that’s what Branding Beach Club looks like. 🌿

In the photos above you can see what we saw when we looked around us. We sat down in this open glass house on a couch because this is where we wouldn’t be in the sun all day (we did get sunburned tho…). In the glass house they have this kitchen where they make smoothies, bake cookies and prepare food for the evening.

Since we didn’t have enough food yet (we actually did have enough but of course we wanted to try something else as well), we both ordered something sweet. Eline got the carrot cake and as you can see she got the biggest pieces in the world. I got the lemon cheesecake. This was served in a glass which made it looks like I was eating yoghurt with cookies in it. We really enjoyed our desserts because both of them were delicious.

At Branding Beach Club you also have the option to sit inside. Of course when the weather is nice everyone wants to sit outside but when you get sunburned very easily (like me), sitting inside (or at least in the shade) is a must. Below you can see two photos of the inside and I actually would like to have the patterned pillows in my room (they’re so lovely). So even if you’re looking for some interior inspiration and you’re into a beachy look, visiting Branding Beach Club is a good idea.

I don’t know if you can tell but I actually used my compact camera to take all of these photos. Most of the time I take all of the photos at hotspots with my iPhone because that’s what I always have with me. But since I am very happy with how these photos turned out, I will definitely take more photos with this camera instead of my iPhone! A very important detail: You can find Branding Beach Club at Kon. Astrid Boulevard 105, 2202 BD in Noordwijk. Did you like this blog post? Have you ever been to Branding Beach Club?




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