Good Times And Good Food | ROOS, Taste & Smile, Leiden

After spending most of my time abroad this Summer, I didn’t get to spend much time with my friends. Of course I did take a trip to Athens with my friends at the beginning of Summer and I went to London with Eline but it is always nice to catch up with everyone at the end of Summer. Everyone has their stories about trips they have taken or things that happened while I was gone. Last week we decided it was definitely time to catch up so after I had my driving lesson, I met up with my friends in Leiden to have lunch. We didn’t really have a plan where to have lunch but we ended up at ROOS, Taste & Smile.


ROOS, Taste & Smile | Botermarkt 12, Leiden

Since I live nearby Leiden, I (of course) go there a lot. Over the years lots of new stores and food spots opened up in Leiden and to a lot of them I haven’t even been. ROOS, Taste & Smile is one of those. When we wanted to try something new for lunch, ROOS, Taste & Smile came to my mind and everyone thought it was a good idea to go there.

The weather was being really weird so we decided to sit inside. The interior looks so cute. As you can probably tell from the photos above, it was definitely my cup of tea. We sat down where you entered and it was a great spot to sit down. We were able to look out of the window (which is always nice) and enjoy the look of the industrial wall with the blackboard on it. On the blackboard they put a couple of things from the menu. I immediately saw something I definitely wanted to try after having lunch. Can you already guess what?


After having a good look at the menu, I decided to go for something that I always like, no matter where I get it. Of course I am talking about a sandwich with pesto, rucola, tomato and mozarella. At ROOS, Taste & Smile you can choose between white, brown or spelt bread. Most of the time I go for brown bread but since they had spelt bread, I went for that. Maja and Isabella both went for a chicken club sandwich. All of our sandwiches were really good. I especially liked the home made pesto. I definitely want to try to make that myself as well.

When we came in, we saw a little bit of the menu on the blackboard on the wall. That’s when I knew I didn’t need to eat that much because I definitely wanted to try one of their homemade cakes. One really caught my attention: the white chocolate cheesecake. My mom has made this before and it was really good. So yes, Maja and I shared the white chocolate cheesecake and Isabella got a big piece of the carrotcake. Just like our sandwiches, these were delicious as well.


While we were enjoying this delicious food, we were able to catch up and have a lovely time. I think this has to be my favorite way to find a hotspot. You set a date with your friends and just walk around until you see something that interests you. Just go in and see what it is like. If you don’t like it, don’t go back there. If you do like it, go back there. In the end you’ll for sure have a good time with your friends. Am I right ladies? I will definitely be coming back here to try more of their home baked goods and I think you should as well. Have you had a lovely summer holiday? What do you think about ROOS, Taste & Smile?




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