Amsterdam Vibes All The Way | Outfit

Just before classes and college life started again, I thought it was time to shoot a new outfit. When school starts, it is always very hard to plan a day to take outfit photos. Lotte and I set a date and cycled to Leiden to take the photos. I find it always very hard to find a perfect location to take photos. Most of the time the light is too bright and that is something you don’t want when you’re taking photos. But we were lucky because the sun wasn’t out that much. For the photos I did have some locations in mind to take photos but Lotte saw this pink house once and thought it would be fun to take photos in front of. When we got there, the light was perfect so this became our shoot location for the day! Enough about our location and on to the outfit, which is all about Amsterdam… 🌷


Amsterdam Shirt: Levi’s € 24,95 | Grey Jeans: ICHI € 49,95

This outfit is kind of based around the shirt I am wearing so that is where I will start off with. Last year I saw a photo of Lizzy van der Ligt (she is a fashion blogger) wearing this Levi’s shirt that had ‘Amsterdam’ on it. Since then I have been looking for it (because Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities) but I was never able to find it. Until I got back from Copenhagen and had a look on Zalando and all of a sudden I saw this shirt when I was scrolling through the page. Most of the time I don’t buy something instantly but with this shirt I may have done that, oops…

In a previous outfit post I wore a pair of jeans from this brand called ICHI. This was the first pair I ever bought from them and since I loved it so much, I went on the search for another pair. It took me some time to find some that I liked but in the end I got these grey jeans. If you’re looking for a comfortable stretchy pair of jeans, definitely check the ones from ICHI.


Dark Blue Sneakers: Puma € 79,95

When Eline and I were in London, we walked all day, every day. We wanted to explore so much in just four days that at the end of every day, we had such sore feet. It felt like my feet were falling off. So when I got back, I definitely needed a new pair of sneakers to survive the next holiday in Scandinavia. 👟 My mom and I went shopping but I didn’t find anything I liked, until I saw these online. When I was little, I used to have a pair of dark blue Puma sneakers so it’s kind of like a flashback. They are very comfortable and perfect for a lot of walking because in Scandinavia my feet didn’t hurt at all.


Grey Hand Bag: Fred de la Bretoniere (via Van Os tassen en koffers) € 279,95

You might think: “Are you showing me this bag again?” Well, yes! In last weeks blog post I showed you everything that I carry with me as a student and this bag is part of that. But besides using it for school, I also use it as a regular hand bag. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw this bag is the matte grey leather. I am all about that matte (for almost everything) and that’s also the case with a bag. Besides that, I also like the different compartments inside the bag. I hate it when I can’t organize my bag and have to look for everything all the time. This bag has two big compartments and one smaller compartment in the middle. This is where I mostly keep my wallet and phone. In the other compartments I keep other stuff, which I do always have to have with me whenever I leave the house.


Black Bracelet: Pilgrim € 6,95 | Beaded Bracelet: Beads by Lotte € 3,50

Lastly, I am of course wearing some jewelry pieces. An outfit isn’t done when I am not wearing any jewelry. Most of the time I wear my usual earrings and necklace but I like to change it up with the bracelets. During my trips, I bought a couple of bracelets to remember the place. One of those bracelets is this black one, which I got in Copenhagen. With that I am wearing a vintage silver bracelet from my mom and two beaded bracelets from Beads by Lotte. Normally I don’t mix and match silver and gold jewelry but with the beaded bracelets, I do like to do that.

It was very fun to shoot outfit photos again. It has been a while and this contains mostly items I’ve been loving over the summer. I do have to be honest, I am very excited for fall. I am already looking forward to when I can wear thick sweaters, black leather jackets and booties. What do you think of this outfit? Are you also ready for fall? 🍂




53 responses to “Amsterdam Vibes All The Way | Outfit

  1. Wat een mooie tas heb je! Zo’n grijze kleur past overal bij :) Vandaar dat ik laatst m’n nieuwe tas ook in het grijs kocht, want dan raak ik er niet snel op uitgekeken in ieder geval.

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