A Fresh Taste Of Summer In A Piece Of Pie | Lemon Pie

The Great British Bake Off has started again and this is one of the only programs I actually watch on television. As you might know, I love to bake and that is why I love to watch The Great British Bake Off. Mostly I don’t have that much time to actually bake stuff from scratch but when I saw the first episode, I actually made time to make something I wanted to make for a long time. I am talking about a lemon pie. If they have this at a restaurant I always get it because I love the fresh taste of it. So a couple of weeks ago, I tried to bake a lemon pie and now I am sharing the recipe with you! 🍋


Firstly, go to the store (or your pantry) because you need to get some ingredients for this lemon pie (otherwise you won’t be able to bake it, duh). Here’s is what you need for the base of the pie: 175 grams of flour, 100 grams of butter, 25 grams of powdered sugar, 1 yolk and 1 tablespoon of water. For the filling of the lemon pie you need: 5 eggs, 125 ml whipped cream, 225 grams of crystal sugar, 3 lemons and decorative powdered sugar. Besides that, you also need this: Dried beans, baking tin, baking paper, lemon rasp and a dough roller.

The first thing you are going to start with the base of the lemon pie, the dough. Put the 175 grams of flour, 100 grams of butter and 25 grams of powered sugar in a large bowl. Make sure to stirr everything together until it looks like bread crumbs. Then it is time to add the egg yolk and a tablespoon of water. When you’ve added this, you will be able to make a ball out of it. Put a piece of baking paper on your kitchen top and spread little flour on it. Now get the dough roller and start rolling out the ball. This part is a lot tricker than you would think. You have to create the shape of your baking tin and make sure that the dough doesn’t crack. Mine did crack and you don’t want that to happen because the filling will spill when you’re baking it. Anyways, when you have your dough all nice and smooth in the baking tin, get a fork and prick with the fork in the bottom. Don’t put it completely through the dough because then it will also start leaking. After that, put it in the fridge and let it rest for about 30 minutes.


While you’re waiting, pre-heat your oven at 200 °C. When the 30 minutes have passed, you have to get the baking tin with the dough out of the fridge and get a new baking sheet. Lay the baking sheet over the dough in your baking tin and add the dried beans in there. This will make sure the base of your lemon pie stays flat while you’re baking it in the oven. Now you can put the base (with the baking paper and dried beans) in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure when you get it out of the oven the base is firm. You can also cut off the excess dough parts on the sides of the base. Now put the base again in the oven for about 15 minutes until it is golden brown.


During the 30 minutes wait (when the base was in the fridge), I already started with the filling for this lemon pie. Firstly you have to rasp the skin of the three lemons. Try to get as much from every single lemon as you can. Then you’re going to squeeze all of the lemon juice out of the lemons. I used a fork to do this at first and then used my hands. Make sure you don’t have all of the seeds in there. When you have about 150 ml of lemon juice, you don’t need anymore. Sometimes you can get this with two lemons, other times with three. So just to be sure, get three lemons.

Now you have to crack the 5 eggs open in a large bowl and whip them all together. After that you can add the rest of the ingredients, which are the whipped cream, crystal sugar and lemon juice. Stir them all together until you have a smooth consistency. Get your cooled base (it is very important that you let the base cool down before this next step) of the lemon pie and pour in the filling you just made. For this you have to use something that makes it easy to slowly pour the filling into the base. The large bowl I mixed everything in, worked fine for me. Now you have to put the lemon pie careful in the oven for about 30 minutes. Do keep an eye on your lemon pie during the 30 minutes because you don’t want to over bake it.


There is only one thing left to do after you’ve let your lemon pie cool down… Add the powdered sugar as decoration and you’re ready to serve it your friends, family and of course yourself! I would recommend cutting small pieces so you are able to enjoy it a lot longer. When I made this one, it was gone after two days haha. Btw, as you’re able to see, my lemon pie doesn’t have that much filling. That’s because my dough cracked and the filling started to leak. The lemon pie was still delicious so if this happens to you, don’t worry. 😊 I enjoyed baking this lemon pie a lot so I am definitely going to bake some more when I have time on the weekends. Are you going to bake this lemon pie? Have you any recommendations of what I should bake next?




40 responses to “A Fresh Taste Of Summer In A Piece Of Pie | Lemon Pie

  1. This lemon pie looks absolutely divine!! We don’t really have lemon pie like this in the US although this does look similar to a lemon tart or lemon bar. Tart desserts are my favorite!

    xx freshfizzle

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