Three Ways With One Simple Do It Yourself | Interior DIY

Some time ago I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and that is when I saw this photo from Kae. She is the owner of 4EverWithEveryone, a jewelry brand, and she takes a lot of beautiful photos, which she (of course) posts on her Instagram. In the photo you are able to see her beautiful office and the thing that caught my eye were the crates on the ground in front of the fire place. I could already see how I would style crates in my future home and I thought I would share these ideas with you! This post contains one DIY and three different options of how you can style it. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🌸


For this easy DIY you will need: paint (choose a color you think), a paintbrush, a screwdriver and a crate (I got the small Knagglig crate from Ikea). Since this DIY is based around a crate, of course you’ll need this. I went for one from Ikea because they had two different sizes but you can also get one from a vintage store or market. The ones from Ikea aren’t that expensive so that’s a great option as well.

The first step of this DIY is to ensemble the crate (if you have the same one as I got). When I unpacked the crate parts, I thought it was going to be impossible to put it together. In the end it took me about ten minutes for each crate to put it together. I would recommend having a very strong person nearby when you are ensembling them because something the screws are very hard to get in.


The next step is to paint your crate. Of course you don’t have to paint them a certain color. You can also decide to varnish the crate instead of using just one color. You can make it however you like. I chose to paint mine in this light grey color. The paint I got is just this very inexpensive one so any kind of paint will work for this DIY. Since I didn’t want the paint to have this very thick look, I chose to use a paint roller instead of a normal paint brush. But when you already have your crate ensembled, you do have to use a normal paint brush as well because you aren’t able to get all of the corners with your paint roller. Make sure to let it dry long enough because you don’t want to ruin the paint by using it too fast. Oh, and if you want to have it look a little bit vintage or rough looking, just use a bit of sandpaper to get the look you want.


To keep your magazines and blankets

Now we’ve reached the point where I am sharing three different ways you can style and use crates, in particular this crate we just made. The first way is the most eay and common way to use it. You can put the crate next to your couch to hold your magazines, blankets and cushions. 📰 This is something you see a lot and I think it looks very cute. In the photos above you can see how it looks but I would recommend getting a large crate if you want it to hold your blankets because a small one isn’t able to hold your blanket.


Use it as a nightstand

Besides using it to keep your magazines and blankets, you can also use it as some type of nightstand. 🌙 I think using a crate as a nightstand is such a great idea when you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your furniture and it also looks very minimalistic and scandinavian. Besides that, you are also able to make them however you like. If you have a big crate, you can even add a little shelve in the crate if you want to have more space to store your stuff.

Create a beauty station

On to the last option how to style to this crate. I think this has to be one of my favorite ways to use a crate because you can store different things in it. I chose to make it a beauty station. 💄 To create this beauty station you have to attach the crate to your wall. You can do this different ways but I would recommend making a hole in your wall and put a hook in it and then hang your crate from there. Then I added a mirror (an absolute essential for a beauty station) and some of my favorite products. In the photos below you can see the end result!


Of course there are so many more different ways to style or use your crate but these are some of my favorites. I can definitely recommend to everyone getting a crate and use it in your interior wherever you like. If you are looking for inspiration, just to go Pinterest. It is one of my favorite things to scroll through Pinterest and look for interior inspiration photos. It also makes me want to have a home for myself and do all kinds of different DIY’s. So maybe I should do that… Did you like this post? Would you want to see more of these?




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42 responses to “Three Ways With One Simple Do It Yourself | Interior DIY

  1. Congrats! For me Ikea items are just like a puzzle that I can get right :))
    Just discovered your blog and you are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work.
    If you want to check me out, you can find me at : and we can became blogging besties :))
    xoxo,Khloe Lo

  2. This DIY is so beautiful! <3 You put so much work into your blog posts, it's amazing! Keep up the good work, I'm like totally IN LOVE with your blog. Any tips for new bloggers like me?

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