Life Is Great When You Go Shopping | Circle Of Trust Concept Store, Amsterdam

And then, all a sudden, there finally appeared a new hotspot post on Thoughts in Style! I know, it has been a while for a shopping hotspot to get on here but I had so many other type of blog posts I have been wanting to post, that this had to wait for a bit. But it’s here and this one is about a hotspot I actually discovered at the beginning of this year. I went back there a couple of weeks ago with Lotte, when we were one a hunt for hotspots in Amsterdam and of course I took some photos of it so I could share it on here. Want to know what hotspot I am talking about? ☁️


Circle Of Trust Concept Store | Ferdinand Bolstraat 47, Amsterdam

If you haven’t read the title yet and don’t know what store I am talking about, this is all about Circle Of Trust Concept Store in Amsterdam.There are so many hotspots in Amsterdam and most of them I discovered through Instagram or other bloggers posts. Circle Of Trust Concept Store I actually found by just walking around the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

The first thing I noticed when I even just walked by this store, was their interior. From my previous interior blog posts, you already know what I love when it comes to a style of interior. At Circle Of Trust Concept Store they have an industrial interior. This happens to be one of my favorites styles for an interior, especially when there are a lot of exposed brick walls. In the photos below you can kind of get an idea of what Circle Of Trust Concept Store looks like. All of the clothes are hanging from these steel pipes with a little shelve above it. This is such a smart and unique way to hang clothes and display other items, like shoes, above it. Just walking around here, you will get lots of inspiration for your own interior and that’s why I love it.


On to the important stuff and with important I mean, what you can find at Circle Of Trust Concept Store. As you are able to see in the photos I put with this post, they sell everything from clothes to shoes, bags, interior stuff, jewelry pieces and more. When I was at the store, they just got their fall/winter collection in. Since fall is definitely my favorite season, of course I had a look at the sweaters and coats from this collection 🍂

Besides selling shoes from Clarks and backpacks from Herschel, they also sell their own brand at the store, called Circle Of Trust. On their website it says that in 2005 they founded Circle Of Trust because they wanted to sell unique, affordable and wearable items for everyone. I haven’t bought anything from them yet but I definitely want to try a pair of their jeans. They sell so many different ones that there must be one I like and fits right.


If you want to visit Circle Of Trust Concept Store you can find here: Ferdinand Bolstraat 47, 1072 LB in Amsterdam. You can also visit their webshop to shop online. Next time I am in Amsterdam, you can definitely find me here because I want to see what new things they have in their collection. Besides that, Circle Of Trust Concept Store is located in a neighborhood in Amsterdam where you will find a lot more hotspots. Maybe I will share more of those on here whenever I can. What do you think of Circle Of Trust Concept Store? Have you ever been here?




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