Fall Has Arrived Again | Outfit

Are you ready for the ultimate fall outfit post? Well, get yourself ready because these photos are the definition of fall. As you might have read in last weeks blog post, school has been taking over my life lately. I am so glad I finally have time to create some awesome blog posts for you and this is one of them. Lotte and I cycled to the place where we shot the first ever outfit photos for Thoughts in Style and we chose the perfect day to take photos there because the leaves started falling and it was also kind of foggy. Perfect to shoot a fall outfit, right? 🍂


Sweater Top: Vero Moda € 49,95

The first thing I am wearing in this outfit post is this grey sweater. When you first see it, you might think I am wearing a white blouse with a cropped grey sweater over it. But that’s not the case. It’s actually all in one piece. That’s what I really like about this. I love the layering look for fall and winter but especially in fall, layering can be kind of too warm. So this sweater is perfect for this time of year.

Dark Blue Coat: Cotton Club € 69,95 | Black Pants: C&A € 19,90

Over the grey sweater, I am wearing my beloved dark blue long coat, which you might have already seen in this previous blog post. This is the perfect in-between fall/winter coat. At the moment the weather has been very weird. Some days it is pretty warm and other days it’s so cold, I just want to wear my thick winter coat. But most of the time I just go for this coat in combination with a thick scarf.

A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning out my closet. At some point my clothes didn’t fit in my closet anymore and everything was messed up so it definitely needed some cleaning. I donated lots of clothes and I discovered, I didn’t even have a good pair of black pants. So I went on the hunt and I found a really nice fitting pair of pants and I’ve been wearing them tons.

Belted Booties: Tommy Hilfiger € 189,95

An outfit isn’t complete without the right shoes. Or booties in this case. In my fall essentials blog post you might have seen a couple of my essentials and favorites for this fall. One of those essentials are these belted booties. While it was still very warm in The Netherlands I was already looking for a nice pair of boots for fall and winter. Luckily I found them early on in the season because now I really need them. As you can see in the photos above they are pretty edgy but I think you can tone them down a little with a girlier outfit. I feel like I will wear these for a lot of upcoming seasons as well.

Star Ring Earrings: Modemusthaves € 16,95 | Dotted Earrings: Treasure Hunts € 14,95 | Bracelet: Norr € 25,00 | Fuzzy Bracelet: Beads by Lotte € 7,00

Lastly, I am also wearing some jewelry pieces with this outfit. First off, the earrings. At the moment I am crazy about creating the ultimate earparty (I am actually thinking about getting a new piercing soon but that’s besides the point). In my first earring hole I am wearing these star ring earrings, which I am wearing all the time, in combination with the dotted earrings. Besides the beginning of an awesome earparty, I am also wearing two bracelets. One of them (the minimalistic silver one) I got while I was in Copenhagen and the other one is a fuzzy bracelet, which I am able to wrap around two times. I think these fit this fall outfit perfectly. What do you think about this outfit? Do you like fall as well?




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