This Is How I Edit My Instagram Photos | Inspiration: Photography

The whole time I’ve been blogging and posting photos on my Instagram account, I’ve been getting questions about how I edit my photos. Most of the time I only share the type of application I use to edit my photos. But in this post I am going to be sharing the whole process. After this post, you might think I am crazy for editing my photos this way but that doesn’t really matter to me. I just really want to share the way I edit my Instagram photos with you and maybe you get inspired to edit yours a different way as well or learn something. Get ready for a long photography type of post!

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📷 Equipment

For taking my Instagram photos, I do use a couple of standard things. First of all, the device I mostly take my photos with is my iPhone 6s. I got my iPhone 6s this year and the camera is so much better than the camera of the iPhone 5s. This makes it the perfect device to take my photos with when I am on the go. Besides that I also post photos on my Instagram that I took with my compact camera or DSLR camera.

With my iPhone I also have a couple of accessoires that come in handy when I have to take a photo, especially for Instagram. When you’re taking photos with your phone, the battery will die very quickly. That’s why a portable charger will come in very handy. And of course I have to protect my phone (because iPhone screens break so easily), that’s why I use different cases. Two of those cases are from Hoesjes Outlet, which you can see in the photos above. You can also use cute cases like these to take a flatlay Instagram photo, am I right?

📷 Shooting

On to the shooting of the actual photo. To take a good photo is really affected by the scenery, angle and lighting. Those are three things I always keep in mind when I am taking a photo. When Lotte and I take outfit photos, we always pick a place that fits the outfit or season. In this case it was a place with lots of trees and different color. Firstly, lighting is key to every single photo. Especially when you’re shooting outside, always keep in mind that you don’t want the sun to directly hit you. This will make you look wasted out and it is not a good look. And when you are taking photos inside, make sure you can’t see a shadow of you taking the photo. Secondly, choose the right angle to shoot from. This kind of speaks for itself when it comes to outfit photos but with product photos it is different. Try to take a couple of photos from different angles and then you can see what will look the best.

📷 Editing

Now it is time to show you step by step how I edit my photos. This process is kind of different for every single photo but of course it does look something like this. I wanted to show you how I edited my latest outfit post photos because the before and after photos are dramatically different. Anyways, these are the steps I take when I am editing a photo for my Instagram account:

Step one | Camera roll
The first step is that I go to the camera roll on my iPhone (I get the photos I take on my camera on my phone by using Dropbox btw) and I go to the part where you can edit the photo in your camera roll. That’s when I chose to put the faded filter over the photo. I’ve been doing this for about a year and I love the look it gives a photo.

Step two | VSCO Cam
After giving the photo the faded filter, I got to my favorite editing app VSCO Cam. I believe almost everyone uses this app and yes, I use it as well. The first thing I do when I enter the app is add the photo I just saved in my camera roll. When the photo appears in VSCO Cam, I open the photo and add the T1 on it but only +1. Then I go to brightness and adjust this to +4. I love the look of photos that are really bright so that’s what I make mine as well. And lastly, I adjust the sharpness of the photo to +1. This is the end of me editing the photo in VSCO Cam so I save the photo to my camera roll.

Step three | Camera roll again
When I’ve saved the photo to my camera roll, I go back to the editing part in the camera roll and play around with the brightness and contrast. It really depends on the photo if I like to use this because with this photo I thought it was okay after just using VSCO Cam.

Step four | Photo Grid
As you might have seen on my Instagram account, I put this border on my photos because I want them all to look the same (perfectionist much?). So when I am completely happy with the end result of the photo, I go to another app called Photo Grid. That’s where I put this border around my photos. Mostly I put the photo 11 points from the border (another perfectionist move of me) and then I save it again to my camera roll.

Step five | UNUM
The last step before I upload the photo to Instagram, is that I upload the photo to UNUM. In UNUM you get an overview of your Instagram feed and that’s when you can easily see if the photo fits the rest of your photos. I like to add all the photos I have to post in this app so I can play around with them to see when I would like to post which one.

If I am happy with how the photo look with my feed, that’s when I finally go to the Instagram app, think of a caption and post the photo! I have to be honest, it sounds and looks like a whole process but I’ve been doing this for such a long time that it doesn’t take me a lot of time to do this. My editing changes every once in awhile and I think it will change a lot because I’ve just started my photography minor. In an upcoming blog post I might share what I’ve learned here as well. For now, did you find this blog post helpful? How do you edit your Instagram photos?



This was posted in collaboration with Hoesjes Outlet


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54 responses to “This Is How I Edit My Instagram Photos | Inspiration: Photography

  1. Loved this post! I love hearing how people differently edit their photos for Instagram and I’ve just downloaded that unum app – I was using vsco to look at my layout but the update just ruined it and I’ve been looking for a good alternative for ages so, thank you!

    Millie x

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