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“These are few of my favorite things” 🎼 This is the song that always comes to my mind when I am writing a Loves Lately blog post. I know that the year just started but I already have so many different favorites. Some of my favorites are new hotspots I discovered, others are newly purchased things. And like I say every single time, I love to watch videos or read blog posts where people show their favorites and that’s why I share mine with you. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Just before summer started, it was my grandma’s birthday. My mom and I decided it would be fun to take her to Zwolle (the city where my grandma and mother grew up) for a day. Since all of our schedules were very busy, we weren’t able to plan a day to go to Zwolle. After Christmas we finally found time to go and that’s what we did. The last time I went to Zwolle was a pretty long time ago so I was definitely excited to see the city again.

We wandered around the city for a long time and since my grandma knows the way, it was a very relaxed day. Then lunch time came around and there is this church in the centre of Zwolle that has a bookstore inside of it, which is called Waanders in de Broeren. Above you can a couple of photos and you can imagine why I was staring at the ceiling. Besides the book store, there was also a cafe. This is where we enjoyed a lovely lunch. This is definitely a place I want to go again when I am in Zwolle because it’s so beautiful and unique (and that’s why I definitely wanted to mention this here).

Moon & Star Earrings: Moonloft € 19,99 | Ear Hook: Moonloft € 7,50

There was actually one store in Zwolle I really wanted to visit and that was Moonloft. I’ve been following them on Instagram for a really long time and I really like the products they sell in their webshop. The store is located here: Spoelstraat 32, which is just behind the big shopping street. In real life the store is very small and cute. Above you can see the front of it. When I was looking through all of the things in the store, I found two things I really liked. One was this pair of moon & star earrings and another one was this ear hook. Ever since I got them, I been wearing them tons. So in a pretty small time frame, they have become one of my favorite jewelry items to wear.

Another one of my favorites is a spot where Elba and I stayed at for one night in December. Have you guessed already? Yes, I am talking about the Antwerp Loft. On Instagram I have been posting so many photos of it because I really liked this place. If I imagine my future home, it would look something like this I think. Below you can see a couple more photos and here you can find the Airbnb we booked (btw, if you book your trip on Airbnb through this link, you get a lovely discount).

Since I got a new work set-up on my desk, I’ve been sitting at my desk a lot more. The only thing I hate when I sit at my desk is my chair. When I sit on the chair for a long period of time, it gets really uncomfortable. That’s why I always have some type of fuzzy rug or blanket draped over my chair. At the moment I have this dark grey one from Dekbed-Discounter draped on my chair in combination with a small grey pillow. This dark grey blanket has a pretty nice pattern on it and since it’s so big, I am able to make sitting in my desk chair a lot more comfortable than before.

And these are the favorites I have at the moment! Since I have a week and a couple of days off from school, I have some fun things and blog posts planned. Something I can already tell you is that next week I will be sharing a very delicious recipe with you and I am sure you’ll love it. Did you like this blog post? What are your favorites at the moment?



This was posted in collaboration with Dekbed-Discounter


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