A Sprinkle of Snow Makes It Look Like A Winter Wonderland | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Winter

“I’m walking in a winter wonderland…” is something that comes to my mind when I see these photos. Winter in The Netherlands is always very up and down. Some days it’s almost 10 ºC and sunny, other days it’s -5 ºC and snowing like crazy. It hadn’t really snowed in The Netherland yet, until a couple of week ago. Lotte and I had planned to take the last photos for a school assignment and that day it was so beautiful outside. So we might have taken more photos of the scenery instead of the assignment but that doesn’t matter. In this blog post I really wanted to show you all of the photos but also talk about what I did during winter, some tips to be productive during winter and how I took all of photos. Enjoy! ❄️

What have I been doing? Yes, that’s a very good question. During winter I’ve actually spent a lot of time working on assignments for my minor. In a previous post I talked about me taking a Photography minor. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve learnt a lot more about my camera and how I can take certain type of photos the best way. With that I also took some pretty awesome photographs for my assignments, which I am pleased with. During the minor, I did get a little discouraged because some assignments didn’t go as planned but eventually I got through it and finished all of it in time.

Throughout 2016 it was the question if I would be able to graduate in 2017. On January 18, 2017 I took the exam that would be the last chance before the graduating program would start. January 21, 2017 was kind of a memorable day because I got my grade back and I passed! This subject caused me so much stress and I worked really hard to finally to pass and I did it. It still feels really weird to talk about it and that this will be the last half year of my studies… Like what?

When winter peaks around the corner, the days get a lot shorter. The sun is fully up around 9 AM and goes down at 4 PM. With days like this (and in combination with very cold weather) you have a really big change of getting the winter blues. I don’t think I have had the winter blues but I do know that you can feel down and less energized during winter. That’s why I have a couple of tips for you to make the best out of this time of the year.

#1 Make sure you spend some time of your day outside. This doesn’t need to be a long walk in cold weather but a little fresh air is very good for you. When you go inside after that, you’ll be able to concentrate so much better.

#2 Don’t sit in a dark room during winter. Since winter days are already dark you just have to let all of the (sun)light into your room.

#3 Plan fun things to do every week. This can be something small like go to the market on Saturday but you can also go ice skating with some friends or wander around a city for a day.

Okay, let’s be honest. I just talked about that it is good for you if you go outside during winter but it is really hard to get yourself to do that, especially when it’s really cold. So if you don’t have to, you don’t go. But I would definitely recommend to put on the warmest clothes you have and just go outside. One day it was so beautiful outside. Like I said in the intro, I had already planned to shoot some photos with Lotte so of course we had to go outside. Let me tell you, when we got to the place where we would take the photos, I kind of forget that it was so cold because everything looks so much better when there’s snow. I used about four SD cards to save all of the photos we took haha. We went kind of crazy but if you’re into photography like me, you keep seeing stuff you want to take photos of and you just don’t stop. A couple of the best photos are in this blog post and on my Instagram. So maybe all of this will motivate you to get your warm clothes on, grab your camera and cycle to different places to take photos of nature during winter. ⛄️

Yes, this was kind of a random post but I just felt like updating you and of course I had to share all of these winter photos I took. I might do more of these posts throughout the year because I think it’s fun for you to know what I am doing and what’s going on. But for me it’s also fun to go back and read these type of posts a couple of months later. It’s kind of like a diary online and that’s what my blog actually is so yeah. Did you like reading this personal post? What do you think of my winter photos I took?




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51 responses to “A Sprinkle of Snow Makes It Look Like A Winter Wonderland | Neeltje’s Thoughts: Winter

  1. These photos are beautiful! I love this sort of personal post. And I loved your tips for feeling better during the winter months, I definitely agree that it’s important to spend some time outside even when it’s cold!


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